5 maneuvers you must know to save your baby's life in an emergency

5 maneuvers you must know to save your baby's life in an emergency

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In general, we do not appreciate how important it is to know certain first aid measures to be able to help our children in an emergency. Only when we are faced with a case of choking, suffocation, loss of consciousness in the baby or seizures, do we regret not knowing how to react or what to do while the health services arrive. But, it is too late to regret.

Knowing certain practices makes the difference between life and death for a child, no matter how strong it sounds. Do not leave it for another day and know, today,five ways you can save your baby's life.

With most mothers and fathers I know, we have had to face at some point a distressing episode in which our baby choked on a piece of food, began to convulse or even lost consciousness. I myself had to face a situation that still makes my hair stand on end today: my son choked and stopped breathing. It turned purple and after bending him forward, he managed to breathe again. What we did was something instinctive, without any knowledge, and since then I promised myself learn what to do in these situations.

In many cases, parents panic and almost without knowing what to do in addition to blocking ourselves, the situation is overcome and we do not have to regret anything. In others, the quick action of a father or mother has made a difference. But, in some cases, the lack of reaction from the parents or the lack of first aid knowledge ended in a fatal outcome.

On our site we help you with these 5 ways to save your baby's life:

- Save the life of your baby in case of suffocation:

1. Check your mouth to remove any possible remains of food or other objects.

2. Sit up, turn your baby over, and place him face down on your thigh or forearm. Hit him five times on the back.

3. Turn it over again and look for a compression point on the chest. With two or three fingers we sink our chest 5 times.

4. We rotate again and do steps 2 and 3 again.

- Save your baby's life if he is unconscious:

1. Look for an answer from the baby: touch his hand, call him by his name.

2. If she does not wake up, lie on the floor and open her airway by gently tilting her head back.

3. Check for breathing

4. If you are breathing. Hold it in the recovery position (lower).

5. If he is not breathing, perform the CPR maneuver.

- Save your baby's life if he has stopped breathing:

1. Call an ambulance and prepare to do CPR while the medical services arrive.

2. Place him face up on a flat surface and we give him 5 artificial ventilations, wait a few seconds and give them again.

3. Next, perform 30 compressions on the baby's chest.

4. Repeat the two sets of breaths and compressions again until the restrooms arrive.

- Save your baby's life if he has an epileptic seizure:

1. Remove from his surroundings anything that could cause him harm.

2- Put something soft under your head and if you wear clothing that oppresses you, unzip it.

4- Place the child on his side so that he can breathe more easily and wait next to the child until the crisis ends.

5- If the crisis lasts for more than five minutes or is the second in a row, call an ambulance.

- Save your baby's life with the recovery position:

1. Take him in your arms in the position of rocking him with his head slightly more inclined than the rest of the body.

2. Call an ambulance.

3. Tracks your breathing, pulse, and level of response to stimuli (noises, calling your name).

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