How to change a child's behavior with the sandwich technique

How to change a child's behavior with the sandwich technique

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Do you know what exactly the sandwich technique is, so acclaimed by so many psychologists around the world? It is very simple: consists of saying something that is negative in a way that generates a positive attitude in the child and change. That is to say: get our son to want to change a behavior

Maybe you want or need your child to change a behavior or attitude. Instead of yelling, scolding, or even punishing them, go for this simple technique first. We explain how to change a child's behavior with the sandwich technique.

If you think your son should change or improve a behavior... how do you get it in a way that doesn't shock you so much? Using this technique: the sandwich technique.

We all know that when we are going to say something negative to someone, they quickly become defensive or on the alert. The sandwich technique get this to be cushioned, being the person we talk to most receptive. The sandwich technique is itself a metaphor. The sandwich is made up of bread, sausage and bread. In our case, we use it to refer to the following:

- 'Positive part or reinforcement - negative part or susceptible to change - positive part or reinforcement'.

According to this technique, we should always follow this order when telling our child something we want him to change or improve.

With this system we achieve two things:

1. When we go to talk to someone and we start with something positive, you will always be more receptive to the next message.

2. Thanks to this technique, it won't hurt to have to 'scold' your son, because it is not in itself a 'scolding', but a request to change a behavior.

At the end, your child will understand the negative message that you have sent him, but by being cushioned between two positive reinforcements, he will remain calm and want to improve even more.

It is best to propose an example to understand it. Imagine that your son has not cleaned his room. Instead of punishing or yelling at him, you would use this system in the following way:

- 'Son, I'm very happy with the attitude you're having at home ... even if you haven't cleaned up the room today ... I hope you continue to have a collaborative attitude in the family.

In this way, your child will have understood that you are happy when he collaborates at home pro you have not picked up the room and this is something that needs to be improved.

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