Advantages and disadvantages of joint custody of children after separation

Advantages and disadvantages of joint custody of children after separation

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After the decision of separation or divorce of a couple with children, comes the most difficult: How is custody managed? Much has been said about joint custody, as a fairer and more equitable system. But, do you know its advantages and disadvantages?

Our expert and specialized family psychologist Jimena Ocampo, gives us the keys to help you choose the type of custody that can most benefit your children. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of joint custody of children after separation.

Any type of custody after a separation or divorce has a number of advantages and disadvantages. We analyze below what are the benefits and disadvantages in the case of opting for joint custody:

- The advantages of joint custody:

1. It will allow them to have continuous and equal contact with both parents, fully fulfilling their needs to have a paternal and maternal figure present, guaranteeing their right to relate to both and favoring a situation as similar as possible to when both did live together.

2. Avoid the appearance of "loyalty conflict" of the minors towards one of the parents in particular, forcing them to choose.

3. Disappearance in minors of any feeling of guilt.

4. It further favors communication between parents.

5. The appearance of the preponderance of the figure of one parent over another disappears.

6. Indistinct stays with both parents are fully normalized.

7. A more open attitude of the children is encouraged towards the separation of the parents that allows a greater acceptance and understanding of the new situation, which makes the possible conscious or unconscious manipulation by parents towards their children more difficult.

8. Feeling that, with the divorce of their parents, their common cessation of life has occurred, but they are still a family.

9. The distance between the non-custodial parent and the children is avoided, as a consequence of the minor's participation in the lives of the minors.

10. It encourages, in girls, the values ​​of equality between men and women in family and household chores.

- The disadvantages of joint custody:

Among the main disadvantages of joint custody are the following:

1. Adapt to two different houses. It should be ensured that the children have everything they need in the two houses where they are going to live, and that sometimes creates some problems.

2. Manage routines. It is not always easy to maintain routines with two parents living apart. It is one of the obstacles to overcome.

3. Respect the schedules and habits of the children. There must be greater communication between the couple so as not to change the children's schedules. Otherwise, all this can cause some instability in the children.

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