Tips for taking advantage of the space in the child's room

Tips for taking advantage of the space in the child's room

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It is normal for the children's room to be a real disaster: dolls thrown everywhere, costumes on the desk chair, and drawers that do not fit T-shirts.

It will not be the first time that you get out of bed with your eyes half closed and step on 2 pieces of buildings, you stumble upon a dinosaur on whose back was a princess and her offspring and, when you finally reach the bathtub, it turns out that you have to share the space with three wild horses and a rubber duck that looks at you with bad eyes.

Don't lose your head, if you havelittle space at home and you no longer know where to put things, with this article you can learn to take advantage of the space in the child's room so that you have everything at your fingertips and better organized.

1- Better buy useful furniture than beautiful: Those in which there are hidden drawers, bunk beds, or trunks to put loose toys.

2- Use colored boxes and put them on a shelf within reach. In each box we will put a type of toy: blue- cars; yellow-dolls; green-costumes, and teach him to put things in each box.

3- Take advantage of the height of the walls: Shelves are your best allies for games you don't use regularly, like that four-player game your uncle gave him when the boy was an only child.

4- Put corks on the walls to hang the crafts or pendants that have been given and that are tangled between the markers.

5- Put on the shirts, socks, pants and vertically folded sweaters so we can see what we have and not mix everything up.

6- Use wine boxes or cardboard cups to place the shoes inside the closet. You can also use hangers on hangers to put the shoes and take up less space. Belts can be hung on hangers.

7- If you have a million stuffed animals, buy a beanbag or a large cushion cover, put the stuffed animals and create your own bean bag of stuffed animals, so that children can sit on it.

8- And, as a culmination of the order, buy dividers for inside drawers or use small boxes. In them I have everything from panties, socks, or erasers, to pencils or the most unspeakable trinkets.

The important thing is to educate the child to put everything in its place so that the room does not fall apart again, and so that he learns that this way always will find the things important when you need them, like the crying baby's pacifier when the doll wakes up at three in the morning.

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