Petting. Short poem about love and affection

Petting. Short poem about love and affection

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How important is affection in life! Affection is essential for the integral development of a person, to stimulate their emotional intelligence and, ultimately, for children to grow up happier.

Affection offers us so many benefits that we all seek that affection in the people around us, this is what the poetry Caresses, a short poem about love and affection.

Affection has super powers over people, a kiss, a caress or a beautiful phrase is capable of calming the cry of a child, makes the pain pass, makes us feel better ... That is why it is very important to give love to the children and explain to them through nursery rhymes like this one, the impact that affect has on people.

When the cat purrs

because he is very sleepy,

search before going to sleep

the caresses of its owner.

When the dog at night

see that everyone goes to sleep,

is looking for caresses

where you know they are given.

The little bird in the cage

that does not stop singing,

caresses with the beak

if they are going to visit.

The same if a child is sad

you hug him and give love,

sure that the caresses

they will ease your pain.

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