Recipes for babies. Porridge and purees for children

Recipes for babies. Porridge and purees for children

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Porridge and purees are essential in the feeding of babies and children. From the fourth month of life, the baby can start complementary feeding. Generally, it begins with the fruit porridges in the afternoon, which will correspond to a snack with a supply of natural vitamins and fiber that are important for the health of the child.

Once he is 6 months old, the baby can no longer maintain a single breastfeeding feed. The change of diet requires help and patience, for that reason we give you ideas of recipes for baby food, soups and purees to make this period more bearable.

When babies have passed the first months in which they were fed exclusively on breast milk or artificial milk, it is time to start introducing the baby porridge and with them, little by little certain foods such as fruits, meat or fish.

Fruit is generally the first food that is introduced in the baby's diet. Little by little the vegetables, white meat and finally, fish will be incorporated.

First fruit porridges. Ideas for making baby food. Recipes to prepare the first fruit porridges for babies. Fruit smoothies for children. Healthy and complete fruit porridges for the baby. Homemade recipe on how to make fruit porridges for your baby.

First vegetable porridges with meat. The first vegetable porridges with meat for your baby. Vegetable puree is one of the first recipes to be added to the baby's menu after exclusive breastfeeding. Learn, step by step, how to prepare vegetable porridge for your baby. In general, babies start with the porridge from 6 months of age.

Nutritious purees. Porridge and purees begin to be included in the baby's diet from five or six months. A great time for parents, and a key moment in the child's development, so it is very important to include as much variety as possible. Prepare one of these delicious baby puree recipes for your little one.

Fruit and vegetable porridges. We propose different recipes for fruit porridges and vegetable and meat purees so that you can feed your baby. They are healthy ideas that you can introduce into your son or daughter's diet according to the recommendations of your pediatrician. The fastest and easiest recipes to prepare.

Soup recipes. Soups, creams and purees are one of the best foods that we can eat especially on cold days. Here you have recipe ideas for soups with vegetables, meats, legumes, fish, noodles, for lunch or dinner for children.

Soups and fish purees. Easy recipes for soups and fish creams for children. How to make fish purees for children. The best recipes for fish and seafood soups for children. Nutritious children's recipes from fish.

To get your baby familiar with the spoon, here are some little tips:

1. Let the baby play with the spoon. Choose a spoon that is small and made of a light material that is comfortable for your little one.

2. Wait for your baby to open his mouth before inserting the spoon. Never put the whole spoon in, because it can cause gagging and thus reject the porridge or puree. At the beginning, you can play games like airplane games with the spoon so that the baby learns to open his mouth wide.

3. Offer a small amount of puree or porridge in each tablespoon. Little by little, the baby will demand more quantity according to his need and possibility.

4. When introducing the spoon into the baby's mouth, tilt it slightly to prevent the puree or porridge from falling off the sides.

5. Respect when your baby refuses to open his mouth or just turns his head. It may already be satiated.

6. Choose family food to spoon-feed your baby. That he feels like a participant in family meals.

7. In the first days try to know what kind of flavors are your favorites. Offer him one food at a time and be very patient.

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