How to improve children's reading speed with these 10 great tricks

How to improve children's reading speed with these 10 great tricks

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Many parents they despair at the slowness of their children when it comes to reading. To know if children read too slowly, you must first take into account the age of the child.

We offer you a table so that you can check the reading speed of your child and We explain how to improve children's reading speed with 10 great tricks.

With this table you can check your child's reading speed according to his age or according to the course in which he is. If you really notice that your child is reading too slowly, don't despair: write down these 10 great tricks to improve reading speed.

1. Read silently. Reading aloud has many benefits, but reading quietly does too. Among them, this one: you gain in speed, because the brain recognizes words much faster than when it has to transform them into sound.

2. Use your finger. It sounds silly, but it's not: if you use your finger or a marker, such as a pencil, you will be focusing your eyes on a line. The next line will not confuse you and you will be able to speed up when identifying the words.

3. Teach your child to visualize the whole sentence. Look at this phrase: "Juan left home at five in the afternoon." Instead of looking at each word, try visualizing the phrase at the same time. The brain, which is very agile, will focus on the first word, one in the middle, and the last. And he will be able to complete the rest of the line by himself ... Like this game ... how would you be able to read the sentence even if there are letters missing? :

- ‘My head hurts when it rains’.

4. Play with them to find the keyword (with a magnifying glass). All phrases have a special word that makes everything make sense. For example: in this sentence: 'Juan was late for the party', what would the key word be? Afternoon! It is what gives meaning to the phrase. With this game, your child will learn to quickly locate the important words and will be able to 'skip' the less important ones.

5. Change the order of the letters. With this game, you will enhance the deduction in the brain. We have already said that the brain is very clever, and is capable of 'finding out' a word just by seeing one of them correctly. For example, look at this sentence: Why, what kind of brain does he ask for?

6. Do not stop going to the library. Because there your child will concentrate much more, and will feel much more curious about reading. Silence will help you read faster.

7. Outside ‘internal voices’. Yes, yes, that little voice that repeats what you read even in a low voice. Well, that voice slows down when reading. Try to read without repeating to yourself. You will get it?

8. If you read, you read. Nothing to have the tablet next to, or the mobile, not even another book or class notes. All that will do is mislead you. Focus on what you read and make the rest of the world disappear.

9. Expand your field of vision. Readers who go slower, it is because their eye is not able to see beyond 4 centimeters on the paper. If you widen the visual field, you will be able to see many more words together and gain speed. And how do you do it? Practicing! Fix your gaze on a specific point in the room for a few seconds, then close your eyes. Try to visualize what was around that point. Okay, now try again, but with the idea of ​​getting a better perception of the objects around ... Come on, you can!

10. Ask yourself questions about what you just read. Okay, there's no use reading fast or slow if you didn't understand anything. And in addition to improving reading comprehension, asking yourself questions after reading will improve your reading speed. Remember: the better the reading comprehension, the higher the speed.

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