Safety seats for babies and children

Safety seats for babies and children

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Despite the efforts made to ensure the safety of children on the road, the truth is that traffic accidents continue to be the main cause of infant mortality (children between 0 -14 years old). That is why the child road safety constitutes a priority area. And is that traffic accidents could be avoided, conveniently using car safety systems designed especially for the little ones.

Currently, almost 90 percent of children use car seats, however, the worrying thing is that almost 40 percent of children killed in traffic accidents did not use any safety measures in cars. Safety seats or chairs for babies and children are the most effective measure to combat traffic accidents.

Therefore, to protect the lives of babies and children, it is necessary to use safety seats in the car. The car seat is the most suitable instrument for traveling with the child on the road, because it ensures their containment, protection and better retention in the event of an accident. This is due to the fact that each seat, despite having different measurements depending on the model, has an enveloping structure proportional to the child's dimensions, incorporated straps for the little ones and specific protections in case of side blows.

The car seat belt alone is not a suitable and safe instrument for a child, as it is specifically designed for the safety of adults. Most of the car seats offer the possibility of regulating the shape and the containment parts, according to the stages of development in the child's growth.

In addition, there are, depending on the types and models available on the market, various solutions that make it possible to adjust the height, width and inclination (of the backrest, the headrest and / or the armrests). These regulations have the objective of ensuring the child always the best protection at every moment of their development.

The choice of the car seat should be evaluated based on the weight of the child. European regulations subdivide weight into Weight Groups, that is, weight ranges in which car seats are classified. Each seat is designed, approved and manufactured with this benchmark.

  • Group 0 from birth to 10 kg - up to approximately 9 months
  • Group 0+ from birth to 13 kg - up to approximately 12 months
  • Group 1 from 9 to 18 kg from 8 months - up to 4 years approximately
  • Group 2 15 to 25 kg from 3 months - up to approximately 6 years
  • Group 3 from 22 to 36 kg from 5 months to approximately 12 years

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