9 mistakes parents make when it comes to calming the baby

9 mistakes parents make when it comes to calming the baby

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There is nothing more exasperating for parents than constantly hearing the shrill cry of the baby. At first, we try to build patience, and we look for reasonable methods to try to calm the baby: rocking gently, whispering lullabies, giving a soothing massage. But when the crying continues, we often make big mistakes.

Write down everything you should never do with your baby if he cries uncontrollably: These are the main mistakes parents make when it comes to calming the baby.

We start from the basis that parents try to do their best to calm the baby from common sense and arming himself with large doses of patience and love. But there are times when a baby's high-pitched, insistent cry can make parents lose their nerve. And many end up falling in these terrible mistakes:

1. Shake it off. Shaking the baby is not only contraindicated, but it can also be very dangerous for your child's health. Do you know shaken baby syndrome or shaken baby syndrome? If the shaking is strong, it can cause internal bleeding and fractures in the baby's delicate body. In extreme cases, it can kill you.

2. Yell at him. You will get absolutely nothing by yelling at the baby. The only thing that you will achieve is that he cries more, that he feels more fear and anguish. What the baby needs when he cries is understanding and security, affection and a good hug. Yelling conveys nothing but nervousness and stress.

3. Let him cry. Many desperate parents end up letting the baby cry, ignoring him ... In fact, a study by Dr. James McKenna, Director of the Sleep Behavior Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame, found how the newborn's stress level Born increases alarmingly when he cries and no one comes to comfort him. The part of the brain that manages and regulates stress is altered in such a way that it can affect the way in which that baby manages stress as an adult. That is to say: letting the baby cry in a disconsolate way can cause irreparable damage on an emotional level in him forever.

4. Punish him in another room. When you lock the baby in another room so as not to hear his cry, it is as if you are abandoning him. The feeling that your child experiences is the same. And there is nothing that causes a baby more stress than feeling unprotected and abandoned. The newborn needs physical contact and to have his parents very present at all times. Remember that the word security is the most important for him in his first months of life.

5. Using physical violence. Not a slap or a spanking. Physical violence will not stop your child from crying. What's more: he will cry more, because he will also feel attacked. And he, who was waiting for someone to console him and understand him, suddenly suffers a 'punishment', when not even he himself knows what he did wrong.

6. Offering 'herbs' without consulting the pediatrician. Typical 'grandmother's remedies' are fine for adults, but some herbs can be harmful to children. Thus, just as chamomile is harmless, other herbs can be very toxic to children, such as star anise, green anise, sage, boxwood, fennel or nutmeg.

7. Give him sleeping pills or similar medicines. Nothing to medicate the baby without consulting the pediatrician. Any medicine can be very harmful to him. Even more so if we talk about sleeping pills or the use of antihistamines, which can also cause drowsiness.

8. Offer food so that he does not cry. Some parents 'force' their baby to eat every time he cries, thinking that it is the only way to calm him down. It is true that many babies find it comforting, but it is not the best way to help them. In fact, the only thing you will achieve (even if you stop crying and you have a moment of peace) is that your baby becomes too fat and may have obesity and even diabetes problems in the future.

9. Make you more nervous. It's hard not to get more nervous at the desperate cry of the baby, but in the end, the parents' nerves are immediately transmitted to the baby, and what your little one needs is calm, not more nervousness or tension. Many pediatricians think that the most nervous babies, with sleeping problems, are because their mothers are very nervous and transmit that state of mind to them. Try to relax. Find relaxation in meditation, yoga, mindfulness, a relaxing bath or simply a restorative nap. Seek help if necessary, before falling into a nervous loop that leads to nothing good.

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