How to teach children to be humble

How to teach children to be humble

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Humility is considered a virtue highly valued by many and very poorly valued by others. Being humble is not always welcome. Sometimes humility is understood as weakness or vulnerability and, nothing to do with it!

We all have strengths, there is no doubt about that, but it would be absurd to deny that we have no limitations. It is impossible to be good at everything we do and we cannot know all subjects either, some things will be worse and others much better, right? Be that as it may, How can we teach children to be humble?

- Understand that we are all different so not all of us can do the same things well.

- Know and accept their limitations or weaknesses.

- Acknowledge your mistakes.

- Ask for forgiveness when it is necessary to do so.

- He does not brag about his virtues or abilities to others.

- He's not talking about his successes all the time.

- Tolerates losing in games. And when he wins a game, he doesn't ridicule the other kids.

- He does not get angry when things do not go the way he wants, but accepts them.

- Accept the weaknesses of others.

- They do not ridicule or undervalue others when they do not know how to do something that he / she knows how to do.

- He does not consider himself superior to other people.

- You don't think you're always right.

- He has an attitude of curiosity because he accepts, he still has a lot to learn.

- Convey the importance of listen to others to be able to learn from them, thus avoiding always being the protagonists of conversations.

- Educate the child under the motto "I respect myself, I respect you". It is important that the child respect himself and others in any circumstance, we must teach him to accept diversity. We are all equal in rights and obligations, but in nothing else. However, this does not mean that because we are different we are better than others, we are simply different.

- Help the child to recognize and accept your weaknesses and strengths.

- Do not give importance to the results obtained. The important thing is not to be perfect but to be happy and do things the best one can. Nothing happens if we make a mistake. That does not speak of who we are.

- Teach how to win and lose in games fostering in the child an empathic and compassionate attitude.

- Do not overprotect him and allow him to make mistakes without preventing him from becoming frustrated when something does not go well without minimizing or justifying his mistakes.

- Encourage the child to ask for forgiveness when you have made a mistake or acted improperly.

A child with humility will learn from his mistakes, from his experiences and from the people around him. Those who do not see their limitations will stumble on the same stone over and over again. Whoever believes that he knows everything will not go further and will remain stuck far from reaching the best version of himself.

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