Foods that heal: children's skin diseases

Foods that heal: children's skin diseases

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Dry skin is responsible for most of the skin conditions in children. To prevent dermatitis, eczema or atopic dermatitis in children, it is also important to take care of their intestines and their defenses.What foods are used to prevent skin diseases in children and How to make them to make the most of their properties?

The Dr. María Concepción Vidales Aznar, specialist in Nutrition, Human Dietetics and Eating Disorders, director of the Nutrimedic clinic, and author of the bookCooking that heals, ensures that a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and essential fatty acids is essential to keep children's skin and hair in good condition.

The nutritional recommendation to maintain the well-being of children's skin is to incorporate foods rich in vitamins A, E and B (folic acid and biotin) and C (coadjuvant in the formation of collagen) and minerals such as zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium , selenium, silicon and copper. All of them are very important for the regeneration of the skin and hair.

We must especially incorporate biotin and B vitamins into the diet of these children, which combined with folic acid, help skin regeneration. In addition to being ingested with some foods, biotin is generated by bacteria in our intestines. It is found in eggs, liver, yeast, cereals, legumes, kidney, and peanuts. Folic acid is found in green leafy vegetables, beets, oranges, avocado, wheat germ, and brewer's yeast.

What's more, we must incorporate foods rich in healthy fatty acids as omega 3 and 6, linoleic acids and oleic acid to hydrate and nourish children's skin. These healthy fatty acids are found in olive oil, seeds (sunflower seeds, pumpkin), nuts, eggs, and oily fish.

Finally, we must not forget that children should drink sufficient and recommended amount of water for their age throughout the day.

For the best use of all vitamins, the ingestion of fresh fruits is recommended or fruits blended into freshly made natural juices, since the vitamins in the fruits oxidize in a very short time in contact with the oxygen in the air and lose their nutritional properties.

The vegetables can be presented in raw vegetables or in preparations that do not make them lose their properties. The most recommended are the iron, cooking with the pot covered, steamed or in purees or creams, using its own broth, which is where most of the vitamins are dissolved.

Legumes can also be presented in salads or purees, combined with vegetables. The eggs should be presented in simple preparations, or in pancakes or omelets with some vegetables.

Dr. María Concepción Vidales Aznar
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
Specialist in Nutrition, Human Dietetics and Eating Disorders
Medical Director of the Nutrimedic clinic

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