7 types of love for our children

7 types of love for our children

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Either we love or we don't love, but that of loving today and tomorrow I don't love you anymore ... it doesn't fit me. Some people say that I am very radical when I speak of love in a binary sense, Either you feel or you don't, but this is how I try to express and understand it, day by day.

On the other hand, I always say that children must be brought into the world when in loveIf you have a partner, because from that state, everything is easier, both for the parents and the child. And if you do not have a partner, you have to be living in Love, to take such a step. In fact, there is not just one love, but 7. Discover what are the 7 types of love for our children.

Sometimes we use a smile to say I love you, or a look, to say I love you, or a gesture to say, I wish you, or a hug to express affection ... Sometimes, we love our partner, we love a friend, chocolate drives us crazy, we cannot live without a good wine or simply, without a caress, and Everything, we put it in the same concept of Love.

Therefore, I question myself on many occasions, Do we know what LOVE is? and here the questions return: Do you learn? It feels? Do they teach you? Is it imitated? Is it shared? Its enjoyable? Or do you live?

My feeling is that we don't know how to love but not because we are disabled, but because we have problems defining the concept of loving or understanding Love. And it will not be me who dares to define it (this time) ...

For all this, one day, I began to question whether I was really loving my son, and I came to this conclusion: As parents, we have the special ability to love, and to be able to define it in many ways, I have found these 7 types of Love for our children:

1. Family Love: It is the one that is born to us for the care and affection of the loved ones that make up our family, especially for our children.

2. Possessive Love: It is that kind of love, which is not entirely healthy, but which, at times, we cannot help feeling it. It is when we speak of "My son" or "My daughter", as if they were our possession or when we are dependent on them or even emotionally manipulate them, so that they are aware of us.

3. Crazy Love: that love, which we especially feel when our children are babies, and they perform a new feat, or when they are teenagers, and you look at them with those eyes that express: how proud I am of you!

4. Rational Love: it is the love that we put into practice when we enter the bedroom and shout: what a mess !! We know that we will continue to love him, but if he fixed the room, much better.

5. Divine Love: It is what we feel for our children, when it seems to us that we venerate them, and we are given to them, as if they were gods or idols.

6. Compassionate Love: It is that love that we carry out for our children, always seeking well-being, and we do it in a disinterested way, just for the sole fact that we love them.

7. Unconditional Love: And here I conclude, if you are capable of loving your son, whatever he does, whatever he says, whatever he behaves ... how could you not love anyone at this level? That is why, I said at the beginning, that you love or you do not love ... if we feel it with our children, we can feel it with anyone.

I love you!

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