Colostrum, the first breast milk for the baby

Colostrum, the first breast milk for the baby

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Colostrum is the best food for a newborn baby. This type of breast milk begins to be produced in the last weeks of pregnancy, and it will be the first food that the baby takes during the first two to five days of life, since from that moment it is when the breast begins to produce 'milk mature. '

Despite the many myths that have emerged about this liquid and the rejection of some cultures to breastfeed with colostrum, we can affirm that colostrum represents the best way to feed our child.

We tell you what is colostrum, and why should your baby take it.

Colostrum is a yellowish fluid, more viscous and dense than breast milk. It is the ideal food for the newborn during the first days of life for the following reasons:

1. Colostrum is rich in immunologically active cells: antibodies and other protective proteins. As food, it constitutes the first immunization of newborn babies, it helps them to regulate their immune system, protecting them against various infections.

2. Contains growth factors, They help to mature the intestines of the little ones, to function effectively. This makes it more difficult for microorganisms and allergens to develop in the body of newborn babies.

3. Stimulates the baby's bowel movement, in such a way that the meconium is eliminated quickly. Thus, colostrum helps to release substances that cause jaundice, thus helping to reduce it.

4. Has stimulating factors and hormones, that favor better blood glucose levels in the first days of life.

5. It comes in small volumes, just what the newborn baby needs.

6. It is rich in vitamin A, It helps protect vision and eyes, and reduces infections.

Although it seems to us that we produce a small amount of colostrum, we must not forget that the capacity of the newborn's stomach is very small, and therefore it will demand food very often. Colostrum is also very easy digestion.

The baby should not be supplemented with formulas or water, even in the warmer months, it is enough to offer the baby the breast more often to have all his needs covered.

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