How to manually express breast milk

How to manually express breast milk

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You may know or have been recommended breast pumps of various brands for times when you cannot directly breastfeed your baby, you want to store milk ... etc.

Less well known is the technique of manual extraction. It requires technique, learning and practice but once learned it is very useful, especially important in the first days after the baby is born.

We tell you how you can expressing your milk manually.

Expressing milk manually (without using the breast pump) has its advantage. Here are some:

1. To collect small amounts It is much more effective, since much less is wasted than with breast pump expression. As colostrum especially is produced in a few milliliters, and is so beneficial, it is important that the use is maximum.

2. It is always available, you do not need any element except your hands and your skill.

3. It's free and ecological and more physiological.

4. Stimulates the reflex of ejection of milk.

It is very favorable, before the extraction of breast milk, that a loved one or someone you trust, massage your shoulders, back ... Creating a pleasant sensation, which helps you release oxytocin - a hormone that is secreted in childbirth, in breastfeeding during sexual intercourse ... - and with it, increase the ejection reflex.

Extraction is more productive if both prior to extraction and cyclical way during it ... Therefore, we must take into account before and during the technique:

1. We massage the chest, making circular movements towards the ribs with the fingers, without moving on the skin. The massage will be performed rotating in a spiral fashion, taking as a reference point the nipple.

2. Stroke the breast to the nipple (the sensation is like a caress) from the chest to the nipple, all over the breast or lean forward and gently shake the breasts.

1. Place the thumb and the index and middle fingers, behind the nipple about 2-3 cm - the position varies from one woman to another -, surrounding it with a position similar to that of a 'c', placing the thumb in the top of that 'c' and the other two fingers, at the bottom.

2. Bring your hand to the ribs maintaining hand position.

3. Make a wave-shaped movement - which tries to imitate the movement of the baby's tongue when sucking on a breast - from the outermost part, towards the nipple, with your thumb. Perform accompanying this wave motion, accompanying simultaneous pressure, with the fingers of the lower area.

4. Repeat rhythmically to empty the chest.

So our cycle in the realization will be:

Massage / caress / shake - Extract milk - Massage / caress / shake - Extract milk

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