Benefits of yoga for children as an after-school activity

Benefits of yoga for children as an after-school activity

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Every day more parents choose yoga as an extracurricular activity for your children. We are facing an activity with its own trajectory in recent years, but still very novel in the extracurricular sphere.

Unknown to many and daring to others, in the following lines I will try solve some of the doubts that are presented to us as parents when deciding whether or not to enroll our little ones in this activity, although what is indisputable are the benefits of yoga for children.

The new pedagogical currents are committed to education in emotions, the management of feelings, learning through experiences ... and in this line, we find in yoga the necessary tools to develop the qualities that the participants will use in their environment. Keeping its main objective in providing unity with body, mind and environment.

In the sessions, common routines are learned, body postures that evolve in difficulty are corrected, and progress is made in the body balance. Peace and silence are worked through music and a group harmony where the energy is almost tangible.

After-school yoga classes, in addition to being quiet, are characterized by their high communication power. Creativity in the body language it is the epicenter of this form of expression. Thus, it is obvious that kinesthetic contents such as physical education, knowledge of the body or flexibility are developed.

Through yoga you can improve:

- The trust in oneself

- Concentration and attention

- The empathy

- The identification and subsequent management of emotions

These improvements are the necessary ingredients to get children to perform even better in the study, exercising reason, emotion and promoting memory and intelligence.

A good activity from my point of view for channel emotions and learn and train other skills.

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