Botero boat. Traditional children's games

Botero boat. Traditional children's games

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In school physical education classes a multitude of children's games are practiced and learned which are then used during the children's free time. One of them is the 'Botero boat', a traditional pastime that combines physical exercise with the skill and grace of 'Hideaway'

Since Guiainfantil We want to remember this popular game so that your children can learn about the hobbies you used to play as a child. You can also teach it to the little ones in the house and that they take advantage of it during vacations or weekends to play with their group of friends.

We teach you the rules of the game of Botero boat.

The 'Botero boat' is a very popular game, especially in South America where it is known as 'Kicked Pot'. At first glance it bears a great resemblance to 'The hideout' although it has some rules that differentiate it from this classic among the classics.

To play 'Botero boat' you need a large group of children, among whom they must choose one to flirt. The procedure is similar to that of 'Hiding place'.

The participants will have to hide, and the one who starts the game will have to find the others but with a variation, they will have to deposit an aluminum boat in a fixed place and every time you find one of the people in hiding, you will have to hit the boat on the ground saying their name.

The boat must remain still and as it will have no choice but to move away to search for the rest of those in hiding, if one of them succeeds run and kick the boat will save all his companions.

It is a game in which teamwork, solidarity, and visual acuity are enhanced. It also favors psychomotor skills, and children's ingenuity. But above all, it is a game outdoors, away from screens and in contact with nature, something essential for the development of children.

Author: Pedro Oliver

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