Has your child suffered a domestic accident?

Has your child suffered a domestic accident?

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A few years have passed but until today I remember the cries of a child that I heard in the medical consultation, while I was waiting for my daughter to be treated by her pediatrician. Those screams were desperate, scary ... The nurses tried to remove from the depths of the boy's nose, a couple of leaves of some plant that he had gotten himself into, playing with his brothers.

There are really chilling stories of accidents that happen with children. Children who drink cleaning, hygiene or beauty products, who burn themselves with lighters or hot water, who fall down the stairs, who swallow coins, pins or other foreign bodies, who beat themselves every three out of four, who they slip in the bathtub or in the kitchen, well, there are cases of accidents in the home to get bored.

The domestic accidents they are more common than we imagine. Specialists attribute these accidents to poor supervision of children or neglect of adults, and the lack of preventive measures. That is why they never tire of recommending parents to be more vigilant and to put some preventive measures into practice:

1- Take care of the edges of furniture and objects. The ideal is to use devices to round these edges or distribute the furniture as long as the child gains more space to move around, and thus prevent him from falling and hitting.

2- Keep medicines and cleaning products out of the reach of children. Both one and the other are not toys. Its ingestion can be dangerous and cause poisoning in children.

3- Prevent, in any way, that children have access to windows, balconies or terraces. You can put railings, bars or another type of support that makes it impossible for the child to fall.

4- Choose safe toys that are properly approved. If the child is less than 3 years old, it is advisable not to have toys with very small parts. You could choke on it.

5- If the child sleeps in bed or in a bunk, it is advisable to place fixed safety bars to prevent the child from falling while asleep.

6- Small children should not be alone in the bathtub of the bathroom. Bathtub accidents are frequent and dangerous. A non-slip mat should be used for the child's safety.

7- If you have a carpet at home, put anti-slip pads underneath to prevent children from slipping. And if you have stairs, you should get your child used to walking down them holding hands.

8- Always have a first aid kit at home in case an emergency arises. If you see that you cannot help your child, take him immediately to the nearest health center.

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