When children can bathe alone

When children can bathe alone

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Bath time is an everyday moment that we will have to gradually delegate to our children. At first, the cleaning and hygiene of our children falls on us, but at what moment should we or can we pass the baton on to our children? When can children bathe alone?

As always, the restlessness and evolution are different in each child, there is no specific age or time to make them responsible for their daily hygiene. The day to day will dictate when they have enough autonomy to have total independence in the shower.

At three or four years old, we can now encourage the use of the sponge in our little ones, taking advantage of this moment to teach them their first notions of anatomy, naming the parts of the body that they will soap up under your supervision.

Let them take the initiative, but in order for them to show greater interest, we must gradually eliminate the toys with which they played at bath time, so that the game is precisely, start bathing and not play with pots or water wheels.

The hair and the final finish will still need our supervision for a few more years. Comprehensive washing by the child will depend on the difficulty. It is much easier for a boy with short hair to do it in an acceptable way than for a girl with short hair or long hair, but in any case, both can succeed around 6 years of their own body wash. Soaping, rinsing and detangling hair may take even longer to arrive, we will already observe the evolution of the results.

My son started to bathe by himself around the age of seven, but today that he is 9 years old, he still makes a 'pit stop' from time to time, to check the lightening of the hair, and the skin behind the ears, which seems that they often forget and temporarily present a suspicious color.

With a simple cloth or wipe moistened in cologne, we will obtain a perfect finish. One more step in the autonomy of our children, supposes for us a time recovered for other tasks or daily necessities, as well as satisfaction and success for both them and us.

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