Sea on land. Story for the children who are in the hospital

Sea on land. Story for the children who are in the hospital

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This is a beautiful story about the hope and overflowing imagination of children who find themselves in delicate situations such as being admitted to a hospital.

Children are capable of overcome situations that we adults are very complicated thanks to an incredible power of overcoming and evasion.

This is a prettystory for children who are in the hospital hoping to recover to be able to live great adventures.

Victoria closed her eyes as soon as the nurse. He didn't want to hear it, it made him nervous. In addition, her mother was already there to talk to her. She preferred to pretend to be asleep and remember the beach last year, when met the sea for the first time. He imagined the waves that caught him, made him tumble and at times prevented him from breathing. He remembered how it would rise to the surface to fill his lungs and how he laughed at the fear that had happened. Then, she used to stay still to catch the sun with her face and quickly slip back into the water. And it could happen that the sea smashed her against the pieces of shell on the shore or that her brothers fell on her and she had to pinch them or that she saw a school of silverfish run away. Anything could happen. The sea was like that.

The nurse whispered with the mother "so as not to wake the little blond angel" and the girl shifted uncomfortably on the narrow bed. The mother approached, afraid she would fall, and put a hand on her shoulder. When the door closed, Victoria opened her eyes.

-Mom, when are we going to the sea?

- When you're okay.

In the white days of doctor's gowns, thick air and bland food, the girl wrote and drew stories of the seabed. It could be a mermaid or a diver, it could find treasure or be stung by a jellyfish. When he finished them, he gave them only to doctors who didn't harm him. And the corridors and the consultations were filled with octopuses, sharks, rays and turtles.

After a while, Victoria was completely cured and painted herself as the captain of a ship full of faces with smiles.

Upon leaving the hospital, the mother headed for the coast.

-Where are we going, Mom?

-To home.

If you want to find out if your child has understood the story, ask these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • Where was Victoria?
  • Where did you imagine it was?
  • What was the girl drawing?
  • Who did he give his drawings to?
  • Where did the girl go when she left the hospital?

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