Learn to hug. The power of a baby's hug

Learn to hug. The power of a baby's hug

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How much good a hug can do us! Hugs lift our spirits, make us smile, feel better, loved, understood, supported ... And, if it is also our baby who hugs us for the first time, the feeling is of full happiness. The power of a baby hug has no limits, it is hug therapy.

'A hug, a hug'my children say every time I leave home to go to work. They hook onto my neck or my waist with their little hands and find it hard to get loose. I love hugs, so while the clock keeps ticking and I'm getting late, I go back a couple of times for more and thus 'recharge my batteries' with those doses of positive energy.

Hugging is such a simple act and it brings so many good things that we shouldn't spend a single day without giving or receiving a hug. You just have to try it to see the joy and well-being that it produces.

Normally we are the parents who kiss, hug or hug our children, however, a good day the baby returns us that kiss or that hug and we feel so good inside her little arms that we would stay in there for quite a while. The baby learns to hug because we do that simple action, but do you know that hugging has many benefits?

- Hugging activates endorphins that help increase the feeling of joy and drive away those of pain, anxiety or sadness.

- Hugs create a sense of security in children and make them more secure and self-confident.

- Hugging strengthens the bond between the baby and the parents and enhances the feeling of togetherness and understanding.

- The hug brings calm and tranquility to children.

- Hugs strengthen the child's self-esteem.

It is as good to give a hug as it is to receive it, and hugs are medicinal when it is our children who give them to us.

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