Keys to educate children in respect

Keys to educate children in respect

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Parenting is not an easy task. There are many challenges that we face every day, and one of them is educating them in values. Teach them the value of tolerance, camaraderie, solidarity or respect.

When we talk about educate children in respectWe refer not only to respect for parents, teachers and elders, but also to respect for others in general, respect for the environment in which they live and of course, respect for themselves. Respect and values ​​in general is something that is educated from the moment the child enters the world.

Give example:The first thing we have to bear in mind is that in order to educate in respect, the example of parents is fundamental. We cannot try to teach our children something that we do not do ourselves. Children when they are young learn primarily by imitation. If they see that their parents act in a certain way, generally they will behave the same. Therefore, if we want our children to be respectful people with the environment, with others and with themselves, we have to set an example. Not yelling or treating people in a disparaging way, accepting and tolerating the differences of others, taking care of the environment that surrounds us, are the basis for children to develop such an important value as respect.

Treat children with respect:It seems that sometimes, because we are children, we do not usually take into account their opinions or their way of thinking, because they are children. But it is important to show them that we listen to them about what affects them, that is, we care what they think, we listen to them and we respect what they think, although it does not mean that we share it. It is important to avoid derogatory attitudes regarding their tastes or opinions, they are children and obviously there will be things that they do not know but their opinion is theirs and has been formed on what they know and know, so it is essential that we always show respect towards them if it What we want is for them to learn to respect others.

In the same way, respect their emotions, their reactions without repressing what they may feel at a certain moment. Respect that if something bothers them, if they cry, if they get angry, or if they are offended, they can freely express their feelings and emotions.

Give thanks, apologize: It is also a gesture of respect towards others to apologize when we have made a mistake, say good morning, thank you, say hello when you arrive and say goodbye when you leave. They are basic rules of coexistence that must be practiced and taught to the little ones on a day-to-day basis.

Do not tolerate disrespect and educate on empathy: As important as setting an example is correcting children when we see that they have behaviors that do not respect others. If they laugh at another child, if they yell or hit, we will have to correct, and try to teach them to put themselves in the place of the other. The other is not me, but he is like me, and what can hurt me can hurt him. It is important that they learn to treat others as they would like to be treated.

Respect ourselves:In addition to setting an example in respect and tolerance for others, in caring for the environment in which we live, it is important that we respect ourselves and not allow faults towards ourselves, wherever they come from. In other words, loving ourselves, accepting ourselves, valuing ourselves and feeling that we deserve the appreciation and affection of others.

Respect is a fundamental value not only for us as individuals but for building a richer and more valuable society. Starting from the fact that we are all different, we must educate ourselves in respect and tolerance for others. But we cannot ignore educating in respect for the environment in which we live, our neighborhood, our street, our forests, and also respect for animals. So it is not only about respecting our equals but above all that surrounds us.

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