The best sports for children on vacation

The best sports for children on vacation

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Summer has arrived and it is the right time for children to enjoy outdoor activities to the fullest. It will be an excellent opportunity for children to play sports and thus be able to stay active.

The practice of sport for children on vacation will be healthy for the physical and mental development of the little ones. In addition, it helps them to relate to others, make new friends and, above all, spend time with the family.

Among the many benefits of playing sports such as the physical and mental health of children, improving school performance during the year, helping their way of concentrating, etc. Playing sports in summer implies other advantages such as:

- Spend moments with family, which implies sharing fun moments for everyone and that reinforces the health of all the members.

- Involves physical activities outdoors and have contact with nature. Something highly recommended, especially for children.

- Pass on good habits to children. Reduces the sedentary lifestyle of the little ones. Playing sports in summer means that children are not glued to electronic devices all the time: tablets, mobile phones, consoles, etc.

In summer you can take advantage of the good weather for children to practice all kinds of outdoor sports and water sports in a relaxed way, with family or friends. Among all the sports that can be done, we recommend:

- Swimming. It can be practiced both on the beach and in the pool. It is a simple sport that any child can do. This type of sport has muscular benefits such as improving flexibility, strength or endurance, and also cardiovascular ones. If this sport is done in the pool there are no excessive risks. If it is carried out at sea, more precautions must be taken, such as not straying excessively from the shore, and that children are constantly monitored to reduce and avoid accidents.

- Skateboarding or rollerblading. This will be a perfect sport for children staying in the city. The little one will have to practice to achieve balance. Little by little he will gain confidence to do "tricks". If you want to avoid accidents, it will be better to use protectors and a helmet at first.

- The shovels. It is a sport that you learn very quickly and it is very fun to practice, especially on the beach. This sport consists of returning the ball using some wooden shovels to the other without it bouncing.

- Beach volleyball. The beach is the right place in summer for children to practice this sport. They will learn a very fun sport while “rolling” in the sand.

- Trekking. Walking is one of the easiest ways to exercise. With hiking you can enjoy nature while your body is in motion. Walking with the family enjoying a route is perfect. As it is summer, it is recommended to walk in the early hours of the morning or in the late afternoon.

- Surf. If the child likes extreme sports, a surfboard and good waves may be the best for this summer. If you are going to start, it is best to do it with an instructor, with waves for beginners or calm waters.

- Canoeing: This sport allows children to enjoy the canoe trip of a river alone or with their family. For this, paddles will be used and it is a fun and relaxing activity in which you can enjoy nature.

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