10 original grandmother names for girls

10 original grandmother names for girls

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In the anthroponyms (personal names) there has always been an evolution, new names appear that displace others. But now we live so fast that what has always been evolution now looks like a revolution. And the new retro trend it is in being the most original.

However, to be original you don't have to invent anything. We just have to look at our roots and recover the names that have almost disappeared from the register, those that our grandparents took and that no little one has today.

If you are thinking of giving your baby a different name, here we leave you 10 original names of grandmothers for girls.

Changing this trend will make our daughter unique in her generation. Back to the basics, to the traditional while serving us to render our tribute to our ancestors. Next we make our proposal.

- Celestine: of Greek origin that means 'celestial, from the sky'. Frequent name in Spain during the Middle Ages. The female form is very popular for the famous work of Fernando de Rojas. Its use as a synonym for pimp is also due to the book. It is also, in its male version, one of the nicknames of Jupiter. His saint is celebrated on May 19.

- Críspula: variant of the masculine Críspulo. Name derived from Latin that means' the one who has the curly hair or undulating '. His popularity came with the figure of Saint Críspulo, a martyr who after being beheaded, a white flower appeared on the rock where his blood fell. His name day is celebrated on June 10.

- Eleuteria: its origin is in the world Greco-Latin, which comes from the party celebrated in honor of Zeus liberador, and means "liberating, noble, generous." It was one of the epithets of Dionysus and owes its spread as a baptismal name to various saints. His saint is celebrated on April 18 or August 8.

- Facunda: female variant of Facundo. Its origin is Latin and means'eloquent, lecture, the one who speaks with ease 'and' eloquent speaker '. It became popular in the Castilian-Leon kingdom during the Middle Ages after the cult of Saint Facundo, a martyr of the second century. His saint is celebrated on November 27.

- Gaspara: of Persian origin, which translates as 'treasurer and administrator'. This name owes its diffusion in Europe to its masculine version, Gaspar, as the Wise Man who, according to legend, offered incense to the infant Jesus. His saint coincides with January 6, the day of the Epiphany.

- Iphigenia: of Egyptian origin which translates as'strong mother'And' of powerful lineage '. It was the name of Efigenia de Ethiopia, a saint better known as "The patron saint of blacks." It is also the name of the daughter of Agamemnon, who was offered as a sacrifice by her father in order for his ships to arrive safely in Troy. His saint is celebrated on September 21.

- Milana: name that means'loved'In Hawaiian and' black 'if we look for its Greek origin. Its masculine version has Slavic origin and means 'full of grace', 'well loved' and 'desired'.

- Nemesia: Of Greek origin, it means "divine vengeance" or "consecrated to Nemesis." According to Hesiod, Nemesis is the daughter of night and darkness, but there are also those who claim that she is one of the daughters of the Ocean. Frequent name in Rome in Imperial times and adopted by various saints: a martyr in Rome in the year 138, a martyr in Alexandria in the 3rd century, and a martyr in Córdoba in the 4th century. His name day is celebrated on July 19.

- Petronilla: of Latinized Greek origin which means'stone'Or' woman with a very strong character '. Its disclosure as a baptismal name is due to Saint Petronila, a martyr of the 1st century and it is believed that she was the daughter of Saint Peter. His saint is celebrated on May 31.

- Romualda: of Germanic origin which means'glorious government'. Feminine form of Romualdo, very widespread in Italy thanks to Romualdo I and II, Dukes of Benevento, and Saint Romualdo, founder of the order of Camaldolese monks. His saint is celebrated on June 19.

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