Children's stories about friendship

Children's stories about friendship

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Through stories and fables, children can understand the value of friendship. We have selected a series of stories for children to learn what it is and how to be a good friend.

Thanks to friends we can be better people, learn values ​​such as loyalty and sincerity, put ourselves in the place of the other and understand other points of view, and feel that we can always learn with others. We suggest you read these stories about friends to your children so that understand the value of friendship.

In you will find a selection of short stories to read to children. With these stories and fables, children can learn more about the meaning of friendship.

The two friends and the bear. The two friends and the bear is one of the many fables that Samaniego wrote. It is a short story with a rhyme that hides a teaching. Stories with rhyme.

The two friends. A story of loyalty between two friends. The Two Friends is one of La Fontaine's educational fables. It contains important teachings for the education of children. Fable to educate children in values ​​and encourage reading.

Two inseparable friends. This story tells us the adventure of two inseparable friends: a bear and a fox. A story to educate children about the value of friendship and respect between two people.

Sara and Lucia. Sara y Lucía is a story for children about sincerity, one of the essential values. Sincerity and children. Sara and Lucía, a story for children about two girls, named Sara and Lucía. our site offers us a story based on the importance of friendship and sincerity between children

The angry princess. Tale of the angry princess. This children's story teaches how important it is to make friends to be happy and not always be angry in order to have friends. Tales of different princesses for children to learn to smile and not get so angry that it teaches the value of friendship.

The dove and the ant. The Dove and the Ant is a popular fable by Aesop to teach the value of gratitude to children. Here you will find fables for children with a message. The dove and the ant is a short story about animals with a moral to educate children and make them fond of reading. Discover the moral that this beautiful fable has for you.

The disobedient Ruby turtle. The story of The Disobedient Little Turtle Ruby tells children about obedience and respect for parents. It tells the story of a little turtle, Ruby, who by disobeying her mother almost becomes the food of some farmers. Read this story with your children and then find out what they understood from this story.

We are all different. This children's story of 'We are all different', tells a story that several animals decided to open a school in the forest, in which all animals would be forced to learn to swim like fish, to fly like birds, and to dig the earth like moles. A story that speaks of respect for others, for children.

Ears and tail. Between friends there can be no lies or deceptions. Friendship is the great treasure that can be had in life. A story that talks about understanding and forgiveness.

The Wizard of Oz. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children like The Wizard of Oz. Do not forget to share with your children this beautiful classic story, so popular for everyone, that transmits some very important values ​​through its characters such as Dorita or Totó.

Heidi. On our site we offer you the short version of the story Heidi, a story about a girl who goes to live with her grandfather in the mountains and then spend time in Frankfurt with Clara and the fearsome governess Rottenmeier.

David and the whale. This story tells us about how friendship should be. In this case, the protagonist is a child who imagines what his vacation will be like and what his friend, a whale, will be like.

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