Breakfasts and snacks for pregnant women

Breakfasts and snacks for pregnant women

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If breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, this is doubly important for pregnant women, and the same is true for snack. During pregnancy it is very important to watch the diet and eat a balanced diet for the good of the baby and the future mother.

Breakfast has to be complete to start the day with energy, especially since during pregnancy a greater physical effort is made and more calories are consumed. But it is important to control excesses, because obesity does not benefit the baby either.

Snacking or eating between meals may be a greater risk for pregnant women. You have to avoid excess saturated fats and sugars, so it is advisable to substitute industrial pastries or 'snacks' bought with other foods. Fruit is a good option in these cases, both as a substitute for snacking between meals and to start breakfast. offers you a series of recipes that balance the amount of calcium needed during pregnancy with some vitamins (B12 and C are very important), folic acid and hydrates that make up an ideal breakfast or snack for this beautiful stage.

Fruit crepes. Get a healthy and balanced snack for children with this recipe for crepes with fruits. Recipes with fruit for children. Traditional recipe for crepes. Learn how to prepare fruit crepes with this rich and easy recipe. The fruit crepes are ideal to enjoy at breakfast time or as a children's snack.

Cereal bars with apple. Cereal bars are a very energetic food, beneficial for pregnant women and active children because it provides them with many nutrients at lunch or a snack.

Orange sponge cake. Easy orange sponge cake recipe for kids. How to make an orange cake step by step for the children's snack. traditional recipe for orange cake for children's dessert.

Cereal and apricot bars. For a complete and very energetic snack, prepare with your children this recipe for healthy and natural cereal bars with apricot. Recipe for energy bars for children made from cereals and fruit.

Yogurt with berries. Yogurt recipe with berries. A very healthy dessert for children and adults. Ideal for a snack, breakfast or as a dessert. our site offers you this recipe, step by step.

Oatmeal and fruit flakes with chocolate. Recipe for breakfast or children's snack with oat flakes, fruits and nocilla. Healthy infant feeding. Dishes to make with nocilla.

Fruit salad. Easy desserts with fruit for children. fruit salad, a happy and colorful dessert for children. recipe to make a complete fruit salad step by step. Macedonian recipe for children.

Oatmeal porridge with banana. A very homemade recipe of how to prepare an oatmeal porridge with banana pieces for the baby. Recipe for babies, children and pregnant women. our site teaches you to prepare a rich and nutritious recipe for porridge with cereals and fruit, for a correct children's diet.

Yogurt with fruit, biscuit and nuts. We all know that children's appetites also come through their eyes. This yogurt with cookies and nuts, served in a glass, in addition to an exquisite dessert, can perfectly become a hit in the snack of children and pregnant women.

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