Police save a baby from choking to death on a nugget

Police save a baby from choking to death on a nugget

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After realizing that her one-year-old girl was choking and couldn't breathe, a mother takes her out of her stroller and, in an agonizing attempt to save her baby, begins to beat her back, without success. Fortunately, two policemen who were eating in a restaurant in the mall, intervened and were able to save the little girl's life.

Don't miss this dramatic video where the scene from how police officers save a baby from choking to death on a nugget.

As you can see in that video, it has been a moment lived as if it were a nightmare, both for the mother, for the policemen, and for all the people who passed through that corridor of the Palm Beach Gardens shopping center (Florida, USES). The images were collected by the security cameras of the place and show how the police save a baby from choking to death.

The mother, Ana Jaramillo de Grahan, had gone to the center with her two children to eat chicken, as they usually do. When he realized that Lucia had choked, he desperately tried to remove the nugget with blows to the back, as the pediatrician had directed. But the anguish and panic he felt at that moment prevented him from making him expel the chicken ball.

The mother started screaming and asking for help, until the two policemen ran to help her. After a couple of minutes, the girl was finally able to breathe. Both officers were honored by the Palm Beach Gardens Mayor's Office and the girl's parents.

A baby chokes when his airway is blocked by some food or object. In this case, what can we do? How to act in these moments of emergency? Knowing some tips on first aid could be good for all of us, especially new parents:

1. If it is a baby, that is, from 0 to 2 years of age, the first thing you have to do is place the baby on his stomach, with his back to you, supporting his head and shoulders with your right arm. With your left hand, give five quick slaps between the baby's shoulder blades.

In case that doesn't work, you should place the baby facing you and lay him down along your other arm. Place two fingers on the lower half of his chest and do five quick downward presses, about 2 cm. In case there is no response from the baby, call the doctor while you continue trying the above techniques.

2. If it's a child who is choking, give him a short pat on the back. If he is conscious, ask him to speak, cough, or blow. If the child is unable to do so, you stand behind him, and with your hand you locate the lowest rib.

Move your hand across her abdomen to the center, navel area, and press upward in a rapid fashion. Push until the child expels what was stuck in his throat.

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