Popular Argentine sayings for children

Popular Argentine sayings for children

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Do you know any popular saying from Argentina? In We have compiled a selection of sayings for children to learn about the popular wisdom of the country.

And it is that, sayings are short phrases that contain traditions that have passed from generation to generation and that have a meaning as advice.

- Each pig gets its San Martín
Sooner or later we must all be held accountable for what we do.

- They call this Zapata, if he doesn't win the tie
They are people who do not admit losing in an argument.

- Words are taken by the wind
Agreements should be written down because there are people who don't have a word.

- Crazy people must always be right
There are people with whom you cannot argue.

- When the cat is away, the mice dance
When the mother or father leaves, the children take the opportunity to do their thing.

- The donkey in front so he doesn't get scared
It refers to those people who always want to be first.

- It's pure peak syrup
It relates to the one who talks a lot, generally to tell lies.

- He gave him a stick for yerba (mate) *
It means you ripped him off.

- It is better to trot that lasts and not gallop that tires
You have to be prudent in your own actions.

- Do not look for the fifth leg to the cat
You do not have to look for problems where there are none.

- Where you eat bread, crumbs remain
Although there is little food, food is after all.

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