The pregnant woman's labor and delivery plan

The pregnant woman's labor and delivery plan

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The labor and delivery plan for the pregnant woman It is a document where the woman can express her preferences and wishes when giving birth to her baby. Keeping this information in writing guarantees that the wishes of the future mother are respected, at a critical moment in life. The best time to develop a birth plan is between weeks 28 and 32 of gestation and can be changed at any time later.

Planning labor and delivery is not the same as doing a labor and delivery plan. The development of childbirth varies from one woman to another and not all deliveries take place in the same way in the same woman. Therefore, a birth plan is not subject to planning, decisions must be made according to the development of the birth.

However, the medical team may take into account preferences of the pregnant woman and, if possible, carry them out. If unexpected complications arise, the healthcare staff will advise the most opportune intervention and it will be carried out after properly informing and requesting consent.

The rest of the care and good practices will continue to be carried out following the wishes expressed in the woman's birth plan, as long as they are not harmful in the course of a normal delivery.

1. The place of delivery. You can choose between giving birth in the hospital or at home, although an unexpected delivery should be considered.

2. Who will attend your delivery. You can choose the obstetrician or midwife.

3. Companions. Who do you want to be with you during labor? You can choose if your partner, your mother, mother-in-law, a doula, a friend, or no one.

4. Company moments. You can choose that the person who is going to accompany you is only with you at home, in the hospital, in the expulsion room or for the entire time.

5. Stay at the maternity ward. Before leaving for the hospital, you should be clear about whether you want to stay home as long as possible, arrive as soon as possible to get settled, or leave when the doctor tells you.

6. Shaving the pubic hair. You can choose if you want a complete, partial or only hair removal if necessary.

7. Enema. You should plan if you want a routine enema or only if it is necessary.

8. Catheter. It consists of opening a pathway to introduce a catheter for administration of drugs or serum. You can choose between a routine one or one in case of need.

9. Labor. You can choose to have it start spontaneously, to have labor induced, scheduled for a specific date or to be conducted.

10. Medications in labor and expulsion. You can choose, depending on what your doctor recommends, if in case of discomfort, you want sedatives, analgesics, epidural anesthesia, general anesthesia or nothing.

11. Recording the delivery. During the expulsion of the baby you can choose if you allow them to use a photo or video camera.

12. Birthing position. In some hospitals, women are allowed to choose the position in the expulsion of the baby: whether lying down, semi-sitting, on all fours, squatting or in the water.

13. Delivery. When your baby comes out, you can choose if you want to hold your baby immediately in your arms to caress him, if you want to feed him immediately, if you want your partner to clean him on your chest and cut the umbilical cord, or if you prefer that he take the pediatrician to bathe him before they pass him on to you.

S click on the linkLabor and delivery plan, you will be able to print the document that the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain has made available to all pregnant women and that they can deliver to their corresponding hospitals or maternity clinics where they have chosen to give birth to their baby.

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