Preparations for children's birthday party

Preparations for children's birthday party

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The first steps for the organization of the birthday party should be taken well in advance, especially when you want the party to correspond to the expectations of the children. If your son is still a baby, it is obvious that the parents will decide what to do, but if he is more than 4 or 5 years old, it is only fair that he participate in the decisions of his birthday party.

From 3 or 4 years of age, it is convenient that you listen to the opinions of children, so that they can express their wishes and hopes. Together, you can decide what type of party they want, who they want to invite, what they are going to eat, and what type of activity or game they want to do. So get to work.

1-  Determine the day of the party. With the calendar in hand, see what day the birthday party can be celebrated and make a mark on the day chosen to celebrate the birthday.

2- Choose the location, if it is one hired, rented, or at home. The birthday can be celebrated in a specialized place, such as a ball park, at an amusement park, or a personalized party can be prepared at home.

3- The guests, how many and who. Prepare or fill out the invitations. Children love to be involved in preparing invitations and delivering them to guests.

4- The snack. Appetizers, sweets ... without forgetting the cake!

5- The games and the decoration (in case you decide to do it on your own).

The budget for the party It is up to the parents, of course. For this reason, it is important not to get overwhelmed with the subject and to prepare a party that does not require extraordinary expenses or large projects. You have to adapt the party to the economic possibilities of each one and enjoy it as it should. Remember that the important thing is that your child has fun at the party and enjoys it a lot.

If you have chosen to organize a celebration picnic in the field, choose the place and then, if it is located far from the urban center, draw a map so that the guests can find it. Prepare many and varied sandwiches, something for the aperitif, and some chocolates and sweets for dessert, and don't forget the drinks. You will need a thermos to keep them cold. And another thing: remember that parents will also attend the meeting.

To entertain the children, bring some ropes so they can jump, and propose some appropriate games for the field. If there is a river nearby, you can take the opportunity to organize a bath, but first, remember to notify families so that they bring swimsuits, towels, flip flops, and some change clothes.

If you have chosen to have your birthday in the pool, you just have to prepare a meal that the children like, and ask them to bring their swimsuit, sunscreen, flip-flops, apart from the sleeves for their safety. You can spend the whole morning playing in the pool, and then enjoy a good meal with birthday cake for dessert.

If you have opted for make the birthday in a room inside or outside the home, the ideal is to limit the invitations. It is difficult to control twenty children in a house. Ideally, there should be a maximum of ten children. You can temporarily modify the room, remove objects that can break, and leave as much space as possible. Remember that it is a party for your child, and not to look good with relatives, neighbors, etc.

Make a list with your child of the games he usually does with his friends. Normally, from 3 years to 9, they like the chair game, coloring, t-shirt painting, blind man, dance contest, slipper from behind, statue game, and many others.

Another option is to hire a animation service for the birthday. There are many offers on the animation market. You can find clowns, storytellers, magicians, scientists, or characters like Peter Pan, Fairies, Goblins, that children love. If children are very young, they require guidance and constant presence. But after 5 years it is better to leave them alone, although slightly monitored with some well-marked limit guidelines.

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