April. Poetry by Juan Ramón Jiménez for children

April. Poetry by Juan Ramón Jiménez for children

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Juan Ramon Jimenez devoted a large part of his work to children's literature. His nursery rhymes keep a special bond with nature, hence they are highly recommended to promote the care of nature among children. we show youthe poem April, where the charms of spring are described under the love and harmony that produces a time of year so desired by children.

The chamariz in the poplar.

-And what else?

The poplar in the blue sky.

- And what else?

The blue sky in the water.

- And what else?

The water in the new leaf.

- And what else?

The new leaf in the rose.

- And what else?

The rose in my heart.

- And what else?

My heart in yours!

Author: Juan Ramón Jiménez

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