3 values ​​for children to start the new school year on the right foot

3 values ​​for children to start the new school year on the right foot

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What values ​​do children need to start a new school year? Many times I wonder why many children, as well as their parents, face the beginning of the school year with boredom, laziness, fear and complaints, as if it were a nightmare.

It seems that a habit has been generated, a wrong habit that going back to routine, to homework, to classes, school classrooms, represents something bad, a sacrifice, when in reality everyone, children and parents, should rejoice.

At the end of the day, it is education that will defend our children in the future, it is education that provides us with the knowledge so that we develop our capabilities and skills.

There are children who invent everything to avoid going to school, that their tummy, throat, head hurt ... they kick, they invent, they cry ... it seems that nothing and no one can comfort them or show them otherwise. But that's not true. Parents' motivation, especially in the days leading up to the start of the course, is crucial for children. And above all, that parents are an example for their children.

Have you ever wondered, how will children have the illusion of starting a new school year if their parents are, every two by three, complaining about their work? The 'bad vibes' with which many parents face their work activities, infects children, and the 'bad vibes' become back to school.

Children are sponges, they assimilate and absorb everything their parents say. So be very careful with negative verbal messages that you transmit to your children. The role of parents is crucial in all experiences that children live. So do not expect your children to go to school happy if you are saying all the time that your job is a nightmare.

Values ​​are good tools for children to take with a good attitude the changes that occur in their lives. To start the new school year, I suggest 3 values ​​that always worked quite well with my daughter:

1. Joy
You convey to your children how happy you are for the start of the school year. You speak with joy and enthusiasm about your expectations and the support you will give them to achieve their goals and break down any obstacles that may appear. It is important for children to know that going back to school will make them meet new friends, allow them to learn new things and grow.

Parents' motivation is what will fill children with joy and confidence. Invite them to start school with great enthusiasm, with positivity, and taking care not to repeat the mistakes of the previous year, etc., and that you trust them to do things right.

2. Responsibility
Convey to your child that without responsibility there is no joy, victory or success. To achieve something it is necessary to work with responsibility, effort and commitment. That in the same way that they are responsible for their toys, and you with their care, they must assume responsibility with their studies, and everything that the school year entails: homework, punctuality with schedules, etc. You need to nurture your self-responsibility.

3. Optimism
To start a new school day it is important that children have a positive posture. Studying is not a privilege for many, so it is necessary for children to value school with enthusiasm and optimism. When you arrive from your work, you transmit to your son the challenges that you have had to face, his difficulties, as well as his achievements.

Share with them that work is a door to fulfillment, so that they grow up feeling that studying is a great privilege for them. And also, don't forget to praise your children often, even for their smallest achievements.

And to finish, do not let the education of your children be the responsibility of the school alone. Children need the support of their parents so that they feel trust and security in them, so that when something bad happens to them at school, their parents are the first people they can count on.

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