What Grandparents Should Never Do

What Grandparents Should Never Do

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In the education of children, grandparents play a very important role. Children who are educated with grandparents will receive very important values ​​and morals, since their long experience in life will teach them values ​​that the children's parents do not yet have.

Furthermore, grandparents no longer have the responsibility to their grandchildren to educate and train them for the world and real life, since this duty is an exclusive responsibility of parents towards their children. In this sense, grandparents can have a close relationship with their grandchildren, making it much more emotional and with values.

Children who are educated having their grandparents nearby or if they live far away, having the figure of grandfather and grandmother very present in their day to day, they will grow up having a very important emotional base because they have a great weight in the formation of the personality and character of the little ones. In addition, it should also be noted that grandparents are the best caregivers of children after parents due to the great emotional bond that exists.

But what happens when grandparents do things they shouldn't do? Sometimes, and perhaps with the best intentions, grandparents go where they shouldn't when it comes to raising their children, even being able to disqualify or discredit any of the parents in front of children, something that is totally unacceptable and must be remedied.

- The grandparents they will never have to do things on their own without taking into consideration the opinion of the parents about something they want to do with the grandchildren.

- Parents and grandparents should always follow the same educational line, with parents deciding what to do and how to do it.

- When parents have rules and a series of limits that are made to children for their good education, grandparents will have to respect these rules even when parents are not around. Otherwise, children would see an educational gap and an inconsistency in adult behavior and would not understand why they should behave as they are told.

- The grandparents they will always have to respect the opinion of the parents without criticizing or belittling what they think. They should not impose their criteria on the decisions of the parents.

If the grandparents do not heed these tips, the consequences for their children and grandchildren can be very negative.

Finally, it is convenient to emphasize that the opinion of the grandparents is valid, but always in the form of support and advice, but never as an imposition or as a way to discredit parents. Parents are the ones who should educate and raise children, so their opinions should be respected.

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