A mother is capable of doing everything for a child

A mother is capable of doing everything for a child

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A mother is capable of giving everything for a child. This is a phrase that can be heard in a conversation between mothers, in a newspaper story, or even read in a poem. Sometimes we do not realize its true meaning, but life gives us examples that show us all the truth it hides.

Today I read a piece of news that is a perfect example. It is about the news of a 23-year-old mother, Christina Simoes, a 23-year-old American, who has become paraplegic after jumping from a third floor to save her son of a fire that had broken out in the house. The young mother suffered a strong impact against the ground and this caused the breakage of several vertebrae in her spine, but she managed to cushion the impact of the baby with her body.

She won't be able to walk again, but she commented "All this pain is worth it to have my son alive." Christina's case is not an isolated event, mothers and fathers from all over the world are capable not only of giving their lives for their children, but of the greatest courage. To protect their children, they are capable of doing everything from the most unthinkable to small daily events that, although they harm them, benefit their children.

In addition to the news from Christina, I have seen a video that also exemplifies what a mother can do for her children. It is a less heroic but very common event in thousands of families. Women around the world abandon their careers, their goals, their projects, their jobs ... to be with their children, take care of them, educate them.

It doesn't seem like a very brave act, does it? It probably is not, but it is an act of great generosity, especially in a society in which we have been educated to leave home and do our jobs.

Ultimately, mothers are capable of any sacrifice for their children. In homage to all mothers ...

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