Types of mother: What mother do you identify with?

Types of mother: What mother do you identify with?

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15 profiles of mothers. What kind of mom do you look like?


Children can be exhausting, and moms sometimes need days off too. Take advantage of Mother's Day, your birthday or any afternoon to enjoy a relaxed afternoon in the company of your baby.

All girls pretend to be princesses, and they love to pretend to be older and dress up in mommy's clothes. You can have a fun time with your daughter by showing her how Mommy combs her hair.

Dialogue is vital for families to have a good relationship. We moms are usually in charge of fostering communication with our children to find out their concerns and help them.

Children could spend the day playing, and although sometimes we are exhausted, mothers also enjoy leisure time with them. Do you like to share games with your children?

Sharing is a value that we teach our children, and mothers are the first to set an example. The dedication of mothers is total, and we share the most valuable thing we have, our time, with them.

Teaching children is a difficult task, but sometimes mothers are too demanding with them. Do you know how to balance demand with support? Setting limits and stimulating your child is a very important task for moms.

We mothers help develop the imagination of our children, and they also teach us to be creative and artistic. Drawing or coloring with our children is a very fun activity that we can share on Mother's Day or any afternoon, all moments are good to share as a family.

Moms are willing to reach the end of the world for our children, and always willing to share an adventure together. For children it can be quite an experience to enjoy a picnic with mom.

The diet of our children is a matter of concern for mothers, who always try to ensure that their children have a balanced diet. And you, do you like to cook with your son?

Crafts love children, they are easy and fun to do as a family. On Mother's Day, our children may surprise us with a craft that we can share.

Reading is very important for the development of children, it gives them knowledge and enhances their imagination and personality. Share the reading of stories with your children, you will see how you enjoy it.

Mothers are very careful with our children, and we try to know what they need at all times. This way they will know they are safe and can express themselves without fear. Are you a protective mother?

The incorporation of women into the labor market has meant that we become working mothers, capable of combining hours in front of the computer with entertaining and raising our babies.

Sport brings many values ​​to our children, in addition to physical development. Athlete moms can share our hobbies with them and teach them the importance of being active.

The maternal instinct leads us to be affectionate with our babies, and our children also respond to these kisses and hugs. Mother's Day is the best time to show the love we feel for our children.

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