10 names of geniuses for girls

10 names of geniuses for girls

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If you already know that the baby you are expecting is a girl, choose one of the names that we have selected of women who, in one way or another, contributed to change the world for the better. One choice may be to put one of these 10 names of geniuses.

Among these ten names of geniuses for girls we find from inventors to scientists or teachers, and all of them of different origins and with different meanings.

Among the most influential names of geniuses for girls we can highlight these ten:

1.- Chemistry and physics Marie Curie She is undoubtedly one of the most influential women in our history. She discovered radium and polonium and was a pioneer in the field of radioactivity. In addition, he became the first person to receive two Nobel prizes in different specialties: Physics and Chemistry.

Marie is the use that is given in France and Poland to the name of María in Spanish. In other languages ​​it has numerous other variants such as in Russian it is called Masha, in Serbian Mirjana, in Arabic Mariam, or in Maori Mere. The origin of the name is Hebrew and has different meanings between them: the chosen one, the seer or the prophet or the starfish.

2.- Amelia Earhart: American aviator who became the first woman to fly alone over the Atlantic. She was also the first woman to be decorated with the Aviation Cross and managed to break several records throughout her life. Its variant in Spanish is Amelia as well as in English, Danish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish and Swedish. His name is of German origin and means work.

3.- The adolescent Malala Yousafzai she succeeded in upholding the principles of freedom and the rights of every individual and fighting to change the opportunities for Islamic women in Pakistan. She started her fight at just 11 years old and in 2013 she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala's name is of Pakistani origin and means 'melancholy'.

4.- Mother Teresa of Calcutta As Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu became known, she became a missionary and an example for humanity as a woman characterized by her charity, altruism and courage, by her capacity for hard work and by a natural talent as an organizer, who dedicated her life to others. According to some voices its origin is Greek and means summer or harvest, but others bet on a Latin origin and its meaning would be linked to hunting.

5.- Among the great women geniuses of history also stands out Rachel Carson. Key figure in ecology and the generation of environmental awareness. She was an American scientist who, through the publication of Silent Spring in 1975, contributed to the launching of modern environmental awareness. Rachel is a name of Hebrew origin and means 'the sheep of God'. The adaptation in Spanish is Raquel.

6.- Vera Rubin, is an American astronomer, a pioneer in measuring the rotation of stars within a galaxy. His measurements and studies on the rotation curves of galaxies managed to advance in the knowledge of dark matter. Vera's name comes from Latin and its meaning is 'true', although there are also voices that relate its origin to Russian and its meaning is linked to faith.

7.- The lion Ángela Ruiz Robles is considered the true forerunner of tablets and eBooks. This teacher created an electronic book that was able to light up to read in the dark, make sounds, or zoom in on letters or pictures. The origin of the name Angela comes from the Greek and means messenger. In other languages ​​it is also called Angelina, Aniela, Andela or Anielka.

8.- The American Grace Murray was a computer scientist and also a US military, with the rank of Rear Admiral, considered a pioneer in the world of computer science. This New Yorker was the first programmer to handle the revolutionary Mark I computer and was instrumental in the development of the COBOL language, aimed at eliminating incompatibilities between computers in the early days of computing. The origin of this name is Latin and means 'the one with natural charm'. In Spanish, its variant is Gracia, Graza in Galician and Gartze, Atsegiñe in Euskera.

9.- Stephanie Kwolek was a Polish-American chemist, inventor of the polyparaphenylene terephthalamide known as Kevlar®, a high-resistance fiber that can be up to five times stronger than steel and is currently used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests, nautical sails, tires and fire-retardant suits. Stephanie is a name of Greek origin and means 'well crowned'. It is Spanish, its variant is Estefanía, which in turn is a variant of the masculine name Esteban.

10.- The inventor of the dishwasher is named Josephine Cochrane. He devised a manual traction machine that would wash dishes quickly. It was awarded the prize for the best mechanical construction at the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893. It is a name of French origin and in Spanish its adaptation is Josefina.

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