The pregnant woman needs a year to recover after giving birth

The pregnant woman needs a year to recover after giving birth

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Fourty days. This is what they usually tell you that it will take you to recover after delivery. But you, once the delivery is over, you see the quarantine pass and you feel just as tired (or more), just as swollen (or more), and you feel discomfort similar to when you were pregnant (or worse). That shows that quarantine is not enough for women to recover from childbirth.

And a study confirms what mothers already knew: quarantine after childbirth is a myth, the body takes a whole year, and not 40 days, to recover. Here are the reasons and arguments that prove that.

The 40-day thing is more of a pure administrative procedure. And what it takes the new mom more or less to stop bleeding after delivery. However, one thing is recovering from injuries sustained during childbirth and quite another is the return to the body before pregnancy.

A study of the University of Salford (England), Finally, she has certified what many mothers already knew: the body of the pregnant woman does not take 40 days to recover after delivery, but ... a whole year! (and sometimes more).

From the moment a woman becomes pregnant, both the body, the brain and the emotions ... are completely transformed! Beyond the hormonal dance you experience, all vital organs move to make room for the baby. The priorities in the life of the pregnant woman change and so do her perceptions and her mind. The brain activates more intensively areas dedicated to the protection of the baby and momentarily 'deactivates' others, such as memory.

Definitely, pregnancy and motherhood are a revolution, a complete transformation of the woman, both physical and mental.

The researchers used a quantitative and qualitative method for their research. They focused on pregnant women in and around the English area of ​​Stanford. After the study of the experts, the observation of the changes in the lives of these women, and the testimony of all of them, they reached these interesting conclusions:

- Women spend too little time in the hospital after giving birth
In many cases, if the delivery is natural and there are no problems, the woman returns the next day or two after delivery. In the case of cesarean section, it is usually three days in the hospital. However, it is too little. According to these researchers, women should be cared for more days, especially if they are a new mother, to receive advice on caring for the baby and caring for herself.

- The woman should not return to work before the first year after delivery
Yes, this in many countries sounds like a utopia. In some cases, on the other hand, one year (or almost one year) of leave after delivery is granted to mothers (in the case of Sweden and Norway). The reason is that forty days is not enough to recover from the physical and mental strain of giving birth to a baby. But four months are not enough either ...

- The pregnant woman needs practically the same time that the pregnancy lasts to physically recover
The pregnancy takes nine months. The body needs another nine to 'reorganize' again. Remember that the organs moved to make room for the baby. They can't get 'high' again in a few days.

- Recovery is not only physical
The great change in the woman who has just had a baby is not physical. The big change is mental and emotional. The effort of breastfeeding, peer pressure, lack of sleep, and the exhausting fatigue of parenting during a baby's first year is a tremendous strain. The logical thing would be, according to this study, that the woman could have time to adapt and recover from all this. And that time, we have already said, add up to a total of 365 days.

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