Bubble wants to fly. Children's story about dreams

Bubble wants to fly. Children's story about dreams

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Dreams sometimes come true, and if not, ask the protagonist of this short story, ideal for reading to the little ones.

'Bubble Wants to Fly' is a children's story about the achievement of dreams. It is perfect for the most dreamy children.

Bubble was a small fish that lived happily in the Merry Sea. He enjoyed the color of the corals and the dance of the rest of the marine animals that they represented every day thanks to the music of the shells and the songs of the mermaids. Racing, going down to the bottom of the sea, telling stories about algae ... were some of his favorite hobbies.

When he was good on the weekends his dad was taking him to the old pirate ship that long ago had sunk with all its treasures. It was a whole amusement park, where the smallest fish could have endless adventures. There were hidden cabins only suitable for the bravest, brilliant coins and precious stones with which they could disguise themselves, cannons and weapons with which to simulate fun battles ... It was all fun

Nevertheless, Bubble had a dream. I loved being in the water, but I dreamed of being able to fly over the seas and discover the places he had seen on the maps he had found on the pirate ship. I wanted to be the first flying fish.

Many treated him as crazy or a dreamer, but he trained every day to achieve his dream. Both in the morning and in the afternoon, he raised his little head to the surface to learn to breathe out of the water. It seemed impossible and it always ended with a coughing fit. He also observed the birds to understand the mechanics of moving the wings. He seemed to have little success in his feat.

His parents wanted to help him. This is how they talked with the seagulls and the latter with the pelicans. They all agreed to surprise Bubble. One day when the little fish was doing its breathing exercises on the surface of the sea it was swallowed by a pelican with a huge beak.

At first Bubble was very scared, but then he realized that the Aviator pelican, who would end up being his best friend, had created a small pool in his beak so that Bubble would be comfortable in his flight over the different seas and lands. Bubble has never been so happy. His dream was now a reality.

Check if your child paid attention to the story. Do you know how? You can ask some reading comprehension questions.For example, these:

1. Where did the Bubble Fish live?

2. What dream did Bubble have?

3. How did you help Bubble to fulfill her dream?

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