When the baby fits during pregnancy

When the baby fits during pregnancy

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The last phase of pregnancy is marked by some changes, often uncomfortable for the pregnant woman. One of them is the moment when the baby's head fits into the birth canal. The pregnant woman will notice heaviness in the pelvic area and more difficulty walking.

However, it is a fundamental step for the labor to develop properly. We explain when this happens and why it is so important.

It occurs at the end of pregnancy, in the last weeks. The baby continues to grow and the shape of the uterus helps it slowly descend into the birth canal. The most normal thing is that it is the head of the baby, although sometimes it can also lower buttocks. It is the moment in which the baby fits into the pelvic bone of the pregnant woman. This happens from week 33, but the baby may not latch in until just before delivery.

The main symptom of fitting or lightening of the baby is increased pressure in the pelvic area. The pregnant woman will feel more uncomfortable when walking and may even notice some mild cramps. Since the baby is now in the lowest area, press on the bladder. Hence, from that moment on, the pregnant woman has the need to urinate more often.

But not all of them are inconvenient. The good thing about the fit of the baby is that the pregnant woman will be able to breathe better and feel more relieved, since the uterus will not squeeze the diaphragm and rib area as much. The gut will look much lower than before.

That the baby fits very soon in the pelvic bone does not mean that the delivery will be early. However, if there are factors that influence to delay that moment. There are babies who cannot fit in. Here are some of the reasons:

- When the pregnant woman passes sitting or horizontal most of the day. In this position, the most normal thing is that the baby is resting his back against the pelvis, which makes it difficult for him to find the correct position to fit into the birth canal. Hence, some gynecologists recommend walking a lot in the last month of pregnancy.

- When the pregnant woman has had more children before, the muscles of the abdomen are more flaccid, which allows the baby to move more and later to fit into the birth canal.

- When the baby is very large, it usually fits at the time of delivery, with the help of contractions.

- If the dimensions of the pregnant woman's pelvis are narrow, the baby will have more difficult the passage to the birth canal.

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