Ideas to organize a Halloween party for children

Ideas to organize a Halloween party for children

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If this is the first time you are preparing a Halloween party at home for your children and their friends, get ready because like any other children's party, details cannot be lacking.

In the decoration for a Halloween party, you cannot miss skulls, witches, cobwebs, pumpkins ... That may scare you a bit, but don't worry, you can decorate the house in an inexpensive, simple and fun way.

Like every year, my daughter has been invited to a Halloween party at the house of a little friend who, for more than 7 years, has celebrated this party with her friends. You had to see how they decorate the house!

They decorate it so well that it gives the impression, when you arrive, that you are entering an amazing cave. There are skulls hanging on the doors, illuminated pumpkins, orange and black balloons and garlands, cobwebs hooked on the ceilings, stickers of ghosts and fluorescent monsters on the window panes, as well as a skeleton at the entrance of the house to receive those who arrive.

Apart from all that, you had to see the atmosphere, barely lit by candles and with some dark background music.

To start, you can easily make a pumpkin. Both in the markets and in the supermarkets you can buy them for a small price. At home, it's just to follow a few ideas we have for Halloween pumpkin and get to work.

As for the other garnishes, you can, with the help and participation of the children, cut out pictures on black or fluorescent cardboard of cats, witches, ghosts, pumpkins ... and distribute them throughout the house. Children will love to collaborate.

As for the cobweb, try carefully unraveling a handful of cotton or gauze, maximum, and gluing it across the ceiling. Don't forget to put some little plastic spiders on it. For the snack table, use your imagination.

With the help of an edible coloring, paint some cookies red like blood, make up magic potions (strawberry or cherry smoothies) with a few drops of strawberry syrup.

You can also serve snacks in the shape of a bat, spiders, etc. In this time it is very easy to find napkins, glasses and tablecloths with Halloween drawings.

Otherwise, you just have to find a 'scary' costume for your children, give them a good makeup and wait for their friends to come and have fun walking around the neighborhood together, hitting all the doors and saying that Trick or Treating. They will surely return happy, with a bag full of candies and with many stories and anecdotes to tell.

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