Digital Advent Calendar for Kids Crafts

Digital Advent Calendar for Kids Crafts

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Advent means arrival, that is, we await the birth of the Child Jesus. As we prepare for the day to come December 25th, we have reinvented the Advent Calendar, a very traditional and fun custom. has developed a Interactive and digital Advent calendar for children that have filled with surprises to entertain your children this Christmas.

In this Advent Calendar, children will be able to find 24 different children's crafts, a surprise for each day of Christmas Advent. You just have to click on the corresponding day on the calendar and it will lead to the children's Christmas craft, which your children can make that Advent day, while they play and stimulate their skills. Follow easy, fun and entertaining Christmas crafts, step by step.

The history of the Advent Calendar dates back to the late 19th century in Germany. They say that a German mother, who was a pastry chef, made her son a sponge cake that she broke into pieces so that he could eat a piece every day until Christmas Day, December 25.

In the 20th century, Gerhanrd Land, a citizen of Munich made the first Advent Calendar, with windows and stickers. Today, behind the windows we usually find chocolate figures for the little ones. The calendar with chocolates inside began to be manufactured in 1958.

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