A very special gift. Christmas short story for dreaming children

A very special gift. Christmas short story for dreaming children

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In we propose you a nice short christmas story for you to read as a family during the holidays. "A very special gift" tells of a boy named Manuel who makes a very peculiar wish from Santa Claus. Will you be able to fulfill your dream?

Reading stories with children has many benefits: it strengthens the family bond, stimulates children's imagination, helps them improve their reading comprehension ... And in this case, moreover, the Christmas spirit is transmitted. If you have a little dreamer at home, this children's story is going to enchant him.

Manuel had been ill all fall. From the window of his room he watched his friends play in the park. What I missed the most was riding my bike. While he recovered he spent his days reading lying on his bed. His favorite books were those that Grandpa Martín brought him from the town library every week. Pirates, dragons, beasts, monsters… they were his new friends now.

When winter came Manuel was a little betterBut with the cold outside, his mother barely allowed him to take small walks so he would not catch a cold again. The little boy had decided to accept the situation and obey his mother in everything. And all this, because he had a wish. Manuel knew that if he was good and behaved well, Santa Claus would bring him as a gift what he most wanted: play a real snowball fight on Christmas morning with all his friends. The afternoon he wrote his letter to Santa Claus, his mother discovered his wish.

He tried to convince him to ask for a better toy because being sick he would not be able to play in the cold snow. Manuel trusted Santa Claus. She knew she would not let him down because he had kept his part of the bargain: be good and behave.

Santa Claus who, from the Fantasy World, saw everything; He did not hesitate to work hard so that Manuel could have his Christmas present. After thinking hard and consulting with his pages how he could solve the problem, he decided to speak with the Clouds. And these were the ones that found the solution.

That was how on Christmas morning, in the town of Manuel, instead of snowing snow, what fell from the sky were fluffy and warm bits of cloud as if it were cotton. Manuel couldn't be happier. His gift was the most special of all and he spent the whole day playing with his friends. Merry Christmas!

We ask you some questions that will allow you to check if your children have understood the story they have read. Ask yourself and establish a dialogue with him to tell you about his opinion. It is very important that children feel heard and that they know that their judgment also counts. Otherwise, they will have self-esteem problems and it will be difficult for them to build their critical sense.

1. What did Manuel do while he was sick?

2. Why couldn't I go for a walk in the street?

3. What was Manuel's wish for Christmas?

4. How did Santa Claus grant you your wish?

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