History repeats itself. Christmas story about the Birth of Jesus

History repeats itself. Christmas story about the Birth of Jesus

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The Christmas stories convey a lot of Christmas spirit and a lot of illusion. Share with your children this beautiful childish story that talks about the Birth of the Child Jesus. We recommend that you read this story before or after putting the Nativity scene, since this way your child will learn more about the history behind the figurines.

Once you finish reading "History repeats itself," ask your child some questions to see if he has understood what you have been reading. Enjoy this story very much!

It was a cold December afternoon. When the couple entered the village it was starting to rain and it was getting dark. The woman was pregnant and she looked very tired. He stepped forward a few meters to find a place to rest.

"José!" He heard her scream.

- José, he's here! - He repeated - bending down and grabbing her belly.

The man went to the first house on the narrow street and called urgently; but since no one was opening, he pushed the door hard, which offered no resistance and They went to what looked like the barn of the house. Maria lay down in a hole under the stairs. She was very sore and looked at José shivering from the cold, and from the fear that the delivery would go wrong.

The future father, not sure what to do, went from one side to the other nervous and worried, while a mule, lying at the entrance, watched the whole scene. Before I could know it the cry of a child was heard in the silence of the night.

A middle-aged man and woman came up there when they heard the boy cry.

- Oh! Are you OK? - They said when they saw the two young people looking at the child spellbound.

A few minutes later They returned with clothes and diapers to dress the child. The newborn, who was crying from the cold, feeling warm and warm, fell silent and fell asleep. Rumors soon spread of what had happened that night, and the townspeople came to the hayloft to treat the new parents with gifts and welcome the child. They brought them honey and hot bread pudding soups so that they could compose themselves. Also a dress for Maria and a blanket for Jose. Everyone showed their affection, while they smiled very grateful for so much help.

Maria began to whisper in her little boy's ear, cooing him, while some children sang merry Christmas carols at the door.

- What's your baby's name? - A shepherd asked Maria.

- Jesus - answered Mary, with a happy face.

Someone shouted then:

- Make way for the kings!

Then there was silence and everyone began to pray. History was repeating itself once more; Christmas was coming.

1. Why was Maria so tired and worried?

2. Why did people go to the haystack?

3. What did they bring to the Child, Mary and Joseph?

4. What was the baby's name?

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