4 poems for elementary school kids they'll want to recite over and over again

4 poems for elementary school kids they'll want to recite over and over again

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Poetry is a fantastic tool for promoting values ​​to children, helping them exercise their memory, and teaching them new words that expand their vocabulary. If, in addition, you teach them to recite the verses with intonation and rhythm, they will be practicing reading and diction.

Although poetry does not understand ages, like the emotions it provokes, we suggest 4 beautiful poems for elementary school children that will get you started in this genre. They will want to recite them over and over again!

First of all, we leave you a beautiful nursery rhyme about howler monkeys that compete to be the one that howls loudest. This simple poem is ideal for elementary school children because it will allow them to meet a different species of monkey, they will have fun with their verses and it will make them understand that the little ones can win too. Why don't you also organize a howling competition at home or in the classroom?

Three howler monkeys

Three howler monkeys

compete in the jungle,

to see which of them

howls louder.

Will win the cup

the howler monkey,

scream louder

with a powerful voice.

The biggest monkey

stretches proud

and no voice comes out

Why are you nervous.

Show off the medium

good howler,

On the first try

the cough has entered.

The third monkey

howling loudly

has won the award.

Children love animal poems because they seem very funny and bring them closer to a reality that is sometimes very unknown to them. This is the case of beavers, that to see them and understand their work in the rivers, most of the little ones have to go to the zoo. Primary school children will also be able to work the consonant rhyme with these verses.

On the river bank

lives a beautiful beaver,

and of a kingfisher.

Next to the shore build

a beautiful burrow,

with its claws and its tail

and a large piece of wood.

To be able to rest

when the sun rises it goes to bed,

after taking a nap.

Curious combs her hair,

after your daily bath,

but it is an ordinary beaver,

handsome, clean and ordinary.

The chameleon is one of the friendliest animals, for its ability to change color and for its bulging eyes. Therefore, this poem always seems very funny to children. From this poetry you can start a chat with your children or with your students in which you tell them about this funny animal.

Playing a chameleon

hiding between stones

and changing color.

Between red poppies,

by the branches of brown,

among the green grasses,

yellow with the sun.

But on any given afternoon

the flower discovered the snooper

and she got so mad

that even his back gave him.

The young chameleon,

thought about his behavior

moving away at the moment.

And if you want your students or your children children's poems are learned by heart, you must start small. Try a short two-stanza poem that talks about generosity and empathy.

Showering a girl

another girl was a fountain,

Y a sturdy tree boy.

There they became friends

and without reaching an agreement,

Just by chance,

together they won an award.

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