Fables about love for children

Fables about love for children

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The love it is a feeling that is very well reflected in traditional fables for children. The process of teaching children the importance of loving and respecting other people should start from a very early age, and what better way than to do it through reading.

With these children's fables from our site We can transmit to our children the values ​​of love and friendship. A selection that both parents and children like as they are short stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Don't miss out on these fantastic fables about love for children. we show you a selection of6 children's fables about love so that children learn to love and respect the people around them. Short fables with a final moral related to affection, love and respect. Do not stop reading to your child these beautiful fables about love.

Fable - The lion in love. Fable of the lion in love. On our site we offer you the fable of the lion in love, a story that teaches children that they should not completely trust those they do not know.

Fable - The Bee and the Dove. With this fable, The Bee and the Dove, children will not only be able to get closer to poetry, but they will also get a lesson, in this case, that we must do for others what we would like others to do for us.

The princess of fire. The Tale of the Princess of Fire is a children's story that talks about the power of true love. A story that is also full of other values ​​for children such as kindness, generosity, solidarity and empathy. We have also added reading comprehension activities.

Fable - The cat and the mouse. On our site you can find a multirud of stories, fables and legends, which help us to educate and teach our children fundamental values ​​for coexistence.

The crow and the turkey. 'The Raven and the Turkey' is part of the extensive collection of Iriarte fables that our site has collected. Thanks to stories, legends and fables we can give our children valuable life lessons.

The ox and the cicada. On our site you can find the fable of Iriarte, 'The ox and the cicada'. A little fable with a moral or children's legend that teaches children to understand the behavior of others.

The worm and the spider. On our site you can find 'The silkworm and the spider', a fable by Iriarte that will be of great help to parents and educators who want to explain values ​​to children.

The horse and the wild boar. On our site you can find the children's fable of Phaedrus, 'The horse and the boar'. Fables and stories can teach children many things and you can find a good example here.

The rabbit and the lion. The Rabbit and the Lion is a modern fable, written by Augusto Monterroso, whose moral explains that you should never trust appearances. Current and new fables to read to children.

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