4 great dangers of shopping malls for children at Christmas

4 great dangers of shopping malls for children at Christmas

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The malls They are a place that parents often go with our children. They are places where there is everything - shops, restaurants, cinemas, ball parks - and that allow us to have everything at hand. At Christmas they also become a claim for the "activities" that are there, but are we aware of the dangers of shopping malls for children at Christmas?

In Christmas we all took to the streets. We have to make purchases typical of these dates, we want to see the lights, send the letter to Santa Claus ... Many parents, for convenience, opt for the malls as a proposal to spend an afternoon with the family. If you are one of them, perhaps you should keep these questions in mind the next time you go to one of them:

- The escalators
For the little ones they are an attraction, because they see it as a stroller that they can climb on and it transports them to another place, but nothing is further from reality. Escalators carry many dangers, as their foot or hand can be caught and have a misfortune. That is why it is important that they know that they always have to be accompanied by an adult!

- Shopping carts
Another element to be careful with are the trolleys. Many times, because they are tired or just for fun, children ask their parents to get on the stroller, but this practice can be dangerous if the little ones do not go in the drop-down box designed for it, do not wear the seat belt or their weight exceeds the recommended.

- Air currents
We left the house with our coat on because of the cold, but then we arrived at the mall and we had spare clothes (or the other way around). We go from cold to hot in a matter of minutes and then, inevitably, colds and colds come.

- Unnecessary stimuli
Loud music in the stores, tinkling lights that never stop shining, people talking at a very high volume ... Too many stimuli that all they do is increase the activity and nervousness of the children. There is an information overload for the little one, something that can later affect their sleep hours.

- Agglomeration of people
Without doubt, this is the great danger. There are so many people that the child can get distracted at any moment and get lost. Instead of enjoying the afternoon, you spend the hours you are in Mall seeing what he is doing, where he is and scolding him if he separates 10 centimeters from your side.

We are aware that there are times when you have to shop, that you cannot leave the child alone at home and you have to go with him to the shopping center. For those moments, we have put together a series of very practical tips. They work for me!

- Write down your phone number on a piece of paper
If your daughter is older like mine, this is a good time to learn your or father's phone number in case of an emergency. If it is smaller, write it down on a piece of paper so that it can be kept in its trouser pocket and can be used in case it gets lost.

- Dress her up in something flashy
In my case, I have two girls and I always dress them with something that is easy to see and I always wear them the same. So I don't have to think I was wearing one or the other.

- Information place
When you get to the shopping center, stop by the information booth. In many they usually give identification bracelets, but in case they are not, tell them that if they get lost, go to that place, that you will go there immediately. If you find it difficult, then let him stay where he is. The most important thing is that they do not go from one place to another and that you have an easy time finding her / him.

- Forbidden to go with strangers
Explain that if at any point someone comes up to her and tells her to go with him, she must immediately say no. Let him show him the paper with the phone number so they can call you, but never go with people he doesn't know, not even if they tell him that he is a friend of mom and dad.

The malls They should not be the only plan you can do with children at Christmas. There are thousands of more proposals and all outdoors!

- Visit Christmas markets
It will be a perfect opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the city, buy a joke for the Holy Innocents day, buy a figurine for the Nativity scene or eat a typical sweet of these dates.

- Attend a Christmas carol recital
In theaters, churches or cultural centers it is usually very typical for them to perform Christmas carols recitals. Look for one that catches you well by time and distance ... and live the Christmas spirit!

- Take a field trip
In many countries, Christmas is synonymous with cold and snow. If in your city the floor is not usually covered in white, but you do have somewhere nearby that you can visit, wrap up warm, take the car and head to this magical place! A snowball fight is waiting for you.

- Christmas decoration
At night, the streets of the cities are filled with a special light. Ornaments on the giant Christmas trees, terraces with stars, street lamps with garlands. Are you going to miss it?

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