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The diminutives of the names for children most used in Venezuela

The diminutives of the names for children most used in Venezuela

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One of the first decisions parents make after learning that they are expecting a child is what to call them. If you are looking for names for boys in which to inspire you, take note of these ideas so popular in Venezuela. We accompany all of them by their diminutive, their origin and their meaning. Finding the perfect name for your child will no longer be an odyssey. Choose the easy way!

In Venezuela there is a popular custom, especially in the cases of males, of placing the name of the parent to form the name of the child. In this way, it is possible to create in some way a dynasty that passes from generation to generation. But in recent times unusual names for boys have also become popular, which are entirely created by the parents' invention or an unusual combination of names.

However, there are attractive names for boys that never go out of style in Venezuela. We have compiled some of the most used and we have accompanied them by their diminutive. And it is that, in the end this is a very common nickname which is often used to call children affectionately. Check out the following list!

1. Jonathan or Jhonatan: (Jhony / Jhon)
This name is ideal for any child and is a widely used name in Venezuela. The origin of this name is Hebrew and means ‘The blessing of the Lord’, which associates it with success and a divine connection.

2. Alejandro: Ale or Alejo
Popularized by Alexander the Great, this is a very common masculine name in Venezuela. Its etymological origin is Greek and means "He who protects man." Do you think your son will have a face to be called Ale?

3. Santiago: Santi or Tiago
Another very common Venezuelan name among children, but which at the same time gives a special meaning to those who carry it, is Santiago. This is The One Rewarded by God ', according to its Hebrew etymological origin' Ya'akov '. There is no cuter way to call the so-called so than Santi or Tiago.

4. Gabriel: Gabo
Another attractive name for a boy that has a special meaning, which is derived from the Hebrew ‘Gbr-El’, which means ‘The strength of God’. It is easy to recognize the power of this name, as it instantly makes us think of the Archangel Gabriel. It's surely known to you, isn't it?

5. Antonio: Toni or Toño
Antonio is one of the most common Venezuelan names for boys and one of the most used in the world, with different variants such as Anthony, Antoine or Anton. Its origin is not exact, but it is said to be Greek or Latin and means "A brave man who faces his enemies."

6. July: Julito
From the great Julius Caesar and derived from Jupiter (and even with a month in his name) its origin comes from the Latin 'Jules' which means 'He with strong feelings' and in Roman times it was used to designate those who were born in the month of July.

7. Carlos: Carlitos
Carlos is one of the favorite names of Venezuelan parents, although it is also internationally with various variants such as Carlo, Charles or Karl, from the Germanic language from which it comes. It means 'The man who is free' or The 'man who is wise'.

8. Francisco: Franco, Fra, Pancho or Paco
One of the names with more diminutives, at least that I know in Venezuela. Its origin comes from central Europe and means ‘Man who comes from France’ and gains popularity thanks to Saint Francis of Assisi.

9. Gregorio: Goyo or Grego
This name has its etymological origin in the Greek ‘Grégoréin’ whose special meaning is that of ‘He who opened their eyes to faith’. Without a doubt, a name with a very special masculine bearing. What do you think of Goyo as a diminutive?

10. Ismael: Ismaelito or Ael
A common and at the same time original name within Venezuela. Its origin comes from Hebrew and means "To whom God has listened." It is said that men with these names know how to listen very well. The saints of this name are celebrated on June 17.

11. Miguel: Migue or Miguelito
Another attractive name for boys that you will surely recognize from Archangel Michael. The origin of this name is from the Hebrew ‘Mikael’ which means ‘Who is like God?’.

12. Victor: Vitico
A great original and, at the same time, common name for boys, since its meaning is ‘Victorian man’, as a derivative of the Latin ‘Victoris’, which only makes this name with a masculine bearing even greater.

What do you think of these Venezuelan names for boys? Without a doubt common and at the same time very original. Don't miss the name guide for that will help you to find that special name that you are looking for for your baby.

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