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Meaning of the name Sofia for girls

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If you are looking for a short name, with personality and elegant, and that also sounds like princesses and queens, Sofia may be the perfect name for your girl. In addition, it is one of the most popular and fashionable female names, in recent years. Sofia is also the name of the capital of Bulgaria, of the infanta, daughter of King Felipe VI of Spain, and of one of the new Disney princesses, the main protagonist of the series 'Sofia the First'. In We will tell you the origin and meaning of this beautiful name, as well as many other details to make it easier for you to decide the name that you are going to give the baby that is about to be born. If you decide on the name Sofia, we think it was a perfect choice. See why.

Sofia is a traditional, classic and historical name. Of Greek origin, Sophia means 'the one with wisdom' or 'endowed with sub-wisdom'. Perhaps that is why it is one of the favorite names of many parents. Who wouldn't want a daughter who is prepared to face life's challenges with wisdom and intelligence?

The name Sofia celebrates her name day on September 18, which is the day of Hagia Sophia.

The story goes that Hagia Sophia was a Roman widow, mother of three girls: Faith, Hope and Charity (12, 10 and 9 years old, respectively), who were martyred during the time of Emperor Hadrian, for preaching the Christian gospel. . The emperor ordered that they be slit their throats before their mother's gaze, for disobedience. He tried to get them to deny their faith and they refused. This terrible sentence made Sofia stay for 3 days next to the graves of her daughters, until she died.

Sophia's pain has not been forgotten and in Rome a gigantic basilica was built in her honor. Hagia Sophia is also the name of the istanbul basilica, Turkey, and the name of the capital of Bulgaria.

There are many famous personages, of great renown under the name of Sofia. One of the best known 'celebrities' is the Colombian actress and model, Sofia Vergara. But there are many others:

  • Sofia of Greece, ex-queen of Spain (1938)
  • Sophia Loren, actress (1934)
  • Sofía Coppola, film director (1971)
  • Sophie Marceau, French actress (1966)
  • Sofía de Borbón, daughter of the kings of Spain, Felipe VI and Letizia Ortiz (2007)
  • Sofía Gala Castiglioni, Argentine actress (1987)
  • Sofía Vergara, Colombian actress and model (1972)
  • Sofía Lama Stamatiades, Mexican telenovela actress (1987)
  • Sofia Richie, American model (1998)
  • Sofía Reyes Piñeyro, Mexican singer and actress (1995)
  • Sofía Franco, model and Peruvian television host (1977)
  • Sofia Gubaidulina, Russian composer (1931)

Sofia is an easy name to pronounce, has many vowels, and is translated into 15 languages ​​or languages. There are curiosities such as that in Russia, this name is known by Sofia but they also translate it as Sonia. Hungarians and Poles give them a more original and different writing: Zofie, Zofia, Zosia, Zsófia. We tell you its translation in the most popular languages:

  • German: Sophia / Sophie
  • Slovak: Žofia
  • Spanish: Sofía
  • French: Sophie
  • Greek: Σoφíα (Sophia, Sofia)
  • Hungarian: Zsófia
  • English: Sophia / Sophie
  • Italian: Sofia
  • Icelandic: Soffía
  • Latin: Sophia / Sofía
  • Lithuanian: Sofija
  • Dutch / German Low Saxon: Sofie, Sofi
  • Polish: Zofia, Zofie, Zosia, Zsófia
  • Portuguese: Sofia
  • Russian: Софья (Sofia), Соня (Sonia)

Sofia in numerology corresponds to number 5. What does this number say about the personality that a girl who bears this name can have? We tell you the good and the not so good of Sofia's numerology:

The good: The number 5 is ruled by freedom. They are usually active, restless and quite autonomous babies. They need physical and mental movement. They tend to have quick thinking and a great ability to learn, making them the center of attention.

The not so good: While they tend to be charismatic, number 5 babies can become arrogant if they don't learn values ​​well. We must instill in them, from an early age, the value of respect, patience and tolerance. Their dynamism can drain their parents and caregivers.

In this beautiful children's story, Sofía is one of the characters with Lucia. It tells the story of a girl who had a hard time going back to school. He put his backpack on his shoulder, but when it was time to leave the house, he did not feel like going to school. For her, going back to school meant giving up going to the beach, going on excursions with her cousins, and going to wake up early every day.

Going back to school meant Sofia saying goodbye to lazy days, naps, and being with friends. Her sister Lucía tries to cheer her up by explaining that at school there are endless things to learn and new friends to meet. Could it be that Sofia is convinced that it is best to go to school?

If you want to read this story to your children, follow THIS LINK and you can read it in full. Do not miss it!

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