The 9 Most Amazing Things 5-Year-Olds Accomplish

The 9 Most Amazing Things 5-Year-Olds Accomplish

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The little ones, as they grow up, surprise us every day with abilities and skills that seem to be acquired overnight as if by magic. Surely you, too, are left with your mouth open every time you see something new that your child has learned, it is not for less, and that is, what for them is a huge challenge, for us it is the greatest of delights. Do we see the things 5-year-olds are going to achieve? They are sure to surprise you!

Some of the things we have put on this list are as wonderful as learning to read and write and some others are a real headache for parents, such as swearing or lying on purpose to achieve their own goal. As they grow, children are increasingly trying to test more limits, the same ones that parents put so that they understand things. But let's stop preambles and get to the point, here are the things that the little ones in the house will surprise you with when they are 5 years old. Although you should always remember: Each child has their own pace of development and learning!

1. Swearing
I remember as if it were yesterday the day my son came home from school and told me that he had learned a curse, he told me as if nothing had happened, as if he were telling me that he had eaten pasta that day. Well, it didn't take long for him to say that same swear word every time he got angry. Yes, dear mom, your child will at some point also say these types of bad sounding words, the key is to explain to them, arm yourself with patience, that it is not right to say them and that they can express their anger in another way.

2. Deliberately lying
When they are very young, children tell some little lies more to let their imagination run wild than anything else, but when they grow up they tell them to achieve a specific purpose, such as saying that they have already brushed their teeth when in truth they have not. done to see if this way they 'get rid' of it 5-year-olds lie, some more than others, but everyone will at some point. What do I do when my son tells lies? Well, again, talk to him and make him see that if they don't want to be lied to, he shouldn't either.

3. Pay more attention to the rules of the house
Don't worry, not everything is behavior like the ones we have said so far; Children at 5 years of age tend to follow the house rules very well, such as that before eating they have to wash their hands or that everyone helps to set the table and they do it because they understand them better and better. That is why it is important to speak clearly to them and explain things to them, such as 'we wash our hands to keep them clean', rather than giving orders without any argument.

4. Discover what is your favorite sport
5-year-old boys and girls love to do sports outdoors, you just have to propose an activity of this type to realize it. Well, it is also at this age that they are going to decide what their favorite sport is, soccer, skating, running ... And they will want to do it at all hours!

5. Starting to write and read, a challenge!
Little by little you will see that their reading and writing skills improve a lot. As we always tell you, each child has their own rhythm and it must be respected, here the rush is worthless, what is worth is sitting together on the sofa to read a book and write short words that are to your liking.

6. You want to spend some time alone in your room
Did you know that at this age children are already capable of understanding and managing their emotions much better? You will know it when your child tells you that he goes to his room for a while because he is angry and wants to be alone or because he feels happy and wants to draw a picture. It may seem strange to you but think that you have to always show them affection and make them see that we are there but you also have to let them have their personal space.

7. Time to get dressed
You will agree with me that following a routine with children in the morning requires a lot of time and effort. Time because they get lazy when they are sleepy and effort because dressing themselves is a challenge. These are things that they have to do little by little to gain autonomy and thus be able to feel more secure but, as we say, they take time. Patience is the greatest virtue!

8. Use cutlery like the grown-ups
Around the age of 5, almost all children show great skill in handling basic cutlery such as the spoon and fork. Well, they are already prepared to take the next step and use a knife (as a child) to cut meat and soft fish. How fast our children grow!

9. Likes to please friends
When we made the list of the things that children did around the age of 4, we saw that they learned to play with other friends as a team, because now that they are 5, they take another step, the objective is to please their classmates so that show that your friendship is valuable. Don't be surprised if your child comes home from school and shows you the drawing that his friend has made, or if you hear him say that he would like to give his stickers to his classmates. Lovely!

What other great ability does your 5-year-old have? Add it to the list!

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