How to decorate a baby's room

How to decorate a baby's room

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Around the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy it's time to start preparing your baby's bedroom. Knowing the sex of your child will help you a lot in choosing the theme for the decoration of your room, although nowadays the criteria allow mixing. For example, the theme of Winnie the pooh It is used for both boys and girls. The same happens with the theme of bears, animals, gardens, sky, and others.

On the other hand, when the subject is more specific as in the case of Snow White, Toy Story or Barbie, it is possible to find the complete set of the theme in the sheets, the blanket, the quilt, furniture, pictures, curtains, valances ... everything already made to turn the baby's room into an authentic decoration.

The colors of the room increasingly abandon the traditional blue for boys and pink for girls. Today many families opt for beige, light yellow, and even lilac. There are paintings for all tastes, in strong or soft tones. For the smallest of the house, the softest colors are recommended, which reveal tranquility.

As for the lighting of the room, two types of lamps are recommended: one in the center of the ceiling, and another in a crescent shape on one of the walls of the room. The latter, you can use it in case the baby needs care at night, without having to be bothered with the strongest light. A dim light can also help your baby sleep better.

Curtains are necessary to control the entry of natural light during the baby's daytime sleep. It is recommended that we use those that are made of materials that do not trap a lot of dust. The same advice can be applied to the crib protector and the quilt. That they are made of a fabric that does not absorb dirt and any type of dust. The simpler the furniture in the room, the better.

At first, the baby will need a crib, a wardrobe and a changing table. Then, it would be convenient if he had a trunk for the toys, a chair and an activity table for when he begins to do his first scribbles, and a playpen or a crib-playpen for when he is sitting down playing.The position and distribution of the furniture are very important because they will determine the practicality when using them.

As for mattresses, there are four different types for their materials and prices. The foam is the cheapest, it is antiallergic, but less hygienic. The spring is the second cheapest, and its advantage is that it has two different faces: one for the hottest months and the other for the colder months. The third type is coconut fiber.

It has better hygiene because it prevents the accumulation of moisture, but it is more expensive than the first two. The fourth is made of latex, the most hygienic, and the one that best adapts to the baby's body.

The environment in which your baby will grow it should be warm, pleasant, stimulating, comfortable, ... A space in which the baby feels protected and clothed. Therefore, it needs to be extremely safe. Use non-toxic paints, furniture with rounded edges, plug, drawer, door and window protectors, as well as radiator covers.

Store medications, ointments, and other materials that the baby can put in the mouth well. Avoid glass, ceramic, or other objects that can break and harm the baby. All care is little when it comes to protecting you.

It is very important that the baby's room don't be overloaded with things, stuffed animals, and other decorative objects. In the first few months, avoid rugs. They catch a lot of mites and dirt, which can lead to allergies in the baby. A room full of objects is more difficult to clean, and cleanliness is an important factor for the baby's health. Also, the room must have good ventilation.

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