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What to bring on trips with children and babies

What to bring on trips with children and babies

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The long-awaited holidays are finally here! It seemed distant, but the truth is that time passes so quickly, that the time comes to go on vacation, time is over and the suitcase is still not ready. But before traveling as a family, it is advisable to know precisely what you need to pack. If preparing the suitcase is already complex, the matter is even more complicated when traveling with children. What to bring? That is the great concern of parents when it comes to prepare the suitcases for the little ones.

And is that traveling with small children does not mean filling the trunk with things that will later get in the way. To avoid this, it is important to plan the trip in advance and make a list of essential things to carry in your luggage. It is best to start by making a list of all the things that the adult needs on the one hand, and the baby on the other. When preparing the suitcase, a series of factors must be taken into account, such as time or travel time. You have to think about him climate of the place chosen for the holidays, it is very important when selecting the right clothes.

If the chosen destination is warm, fewer clothes are always carried than if the destination is cold. However, it is always advisable to bring something warm, no matter how warm the chosen destination is. The same happens with the duration of the trip, the more days the long-awaited vacation lasts, the more clothes will have to be packed in the luggage. Currently with technologies lurking, it is more than essential to carry a mobile phone in case of urgent calls. Also, it does not hurt to have some contact telephone numbers of the destination, for example, the local medical clinic.

The documentation It should be in the suitcase too. Do not forget to bring your Social Security or medical insurance card. In the case of babies, also bring the pediatrician's card and telephone number. It is also recommended to always carry a first aid kit.

- Two or three more changes of the days that the trip lasts, in case it gets stained or there is something unforeseen.
- Accessories: diapers, wipes, creams, gel, shampoo, cologne, brushes, tissues.
- Baby feeding: bottle, pacifier, bibs, cutlery adapted to their age, thermos, etc.
- Travel cot in case the hotel does not have one.

- Sterile gauze compresses.
- Cotton.
- Sticking plaster.
- Band-Aids.
- Thermometer.
- Peroxide.
- Analgesics.
- Ointments for bites.
- Physiological serum.
- Sunscreen.

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